Beautiful Great Barrier Reef

Beautiful Great Barrier Reef

When i have a day like today,busy in the bush taking stock of what needs to be done,getting scratched by hedge wattle,tripping in disused rabbit burrows,trying to get the garden sorted and then coming in to cook tea..and whip up an orange cake…my mind wanders to past holidays,looking through my photos seems to make me relax.Even though it seems so long ago and the next one so far away…it does make me smile.Huby and i had such a magical flight in a seaplane,over the reef and landing on the water,from there we got our suits on and went snorkelling around the reef..just four of us..magic,when we had finished our pilot served us cheese crackers and bubbly..and flew us back to land..while in the air we saw three different groups of whales..mums and babies…i love our world of wonder!

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