Forrest in the bush

Forrest T.S.GreenToday Forrest won…Doc always holds him up from the sniffs by digging and fossicking…this time Forrest had a single minded mission..he found an ancient bone…white and lonely it was too tempting, so he promptly plonked down and set about devouring it…well this time Doc had a sniff he just had to follow,but we were stuck there…Forrest was moving for no woman or dog…he was as happy as a dog with a smelly old bone in the bush.

Listening to his jaws crushing this i was glad that he loves me…so strong and yet he’s my boo boo bear…meanwhile back at the hill my left arm was being pulled by one Fox Terrier with a rabbit and roo scent in his nostrils!…Not only was i battling a war between myself and the scent that is so strong to him ,but the fact he is a terrier…a quiet and unassuming dog (not) was not helping my cause.

Before i knew it Forrest was up,grinning like only a lab x staffy can and shook himself was all over…eating machine.

We continued our stroll/run through the bush,Doc following that rabbit scent and Forrest right by his side…

2 thoughts on “Forrest in the bush

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