Introducing the woolly family

Introducing the woolly family

Felix,Oscar and Jock…the three amigos…
With 11 acres to graze..when we let them free range the property (they are usually in a 2 acre paddock) they spend the day doing laps of the house…girly sheep..they follow you like dogs and are the most amazing pets..many a day i spend lying in the paddock getting very very smelly sheep kisses…that ruminant belly produces some awful gas!

6 thoughts on “Introducing the woolly family

  1. Had to laugh at the smelly sheep kisses, mind you, I’d probably do exactly the same as you! So envious of the space you have, we have a large garden (as gardens go here in the UK) but nothing on the scale you have. They look very happy girly sheep!


    • Yes they are very happy..even if for boys they are girlies lol…they are very cute and wonderful friends..yes the space is lovely..but so far too much hard work to relax and enjoy it hahaha 🙂


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