Why not smile at a crocodile..they smile back!

When my hubby and i holiday we always try and incorporate some form of animal experience.This holiday we took to Far North Queensland and the Proserpine area.Here we went on a boat trip down the Proserpine river to see Crocodiles in the wild.Getting to our destination we saw my favourite views..the sugar cane fields.Cane fieldsI love the fields,they sway and almost humm.Our first sighting when we got there was ‘Gloria’ what a beautiful girl she was indeed,she may have a name but this does not mean she is at all tame,these crocs are not fed by humans ever,indeed if we did not see a croc on the day so be it,it was completely up to the reptiles on the day.Gloria

The river itself is beautiful,plenty of trees and banks,inlets and areas of marsh .Perfect crocodile area.

I was thrilled to see many babies and young juvenile crocodiles,it shows a healthy environment.
More basking babiesBabies in the sun
Of course i would never enter the water,even though i wanted to get closer!Would you enter?A two year old..already impressive
I suppose the bird life takes it’s chances and seems not fazed by the presence of these big predators.A brave bird indeed!
Our last sighting was this huge croc..his color and muscle definition are stunning.We made our way home and enjoyed the scenery ..again offering a glimpse of more lovely animals.lThe beautiful muscles and colorBrahmans enjoying the dayThe handsome Brahman bulls ended our day on a serene note.

20 thoughts on “Why not smile at a crocodile..they smile back!

    • Hahaha story on the news about them the other night..and hubbies off to Darwin for work next week…pretty sure he won’t be dangling his toes in the water hahaha..i love them,to look at the shots i took of one slipping in the water..you hear nothing,wouldn’t hear them coming :/


  1. OMP (oh my pig!). That is awesome, so close and so unbelievably big! They do grow them big there down under. Thank you so much for sharing. I would love to see it first hand. You really made this piggies night! XOXO – Bacon


    • You are welcome Bacon 🙂 they are big ones….and amazingly beautiful! the babies are so small..and I was leaning out of this boat thingy almost falling out to get pics hahahha…they rule the Proserpine river and rightly so 🙂 hugs Fozziemum xx


        • Back to the dinosaurs like the sharks! amazing creatures and misunderstood..they never ‘eat’ a whole human!! they eat something the size of their head once a month..that’s it..obviously if you get bitten then they will all come in but the stories are very wrong..again people making out animals have agendas…sheesh! Hugs Fozziemum xx


  2. OMD I woulds be scared stiff, they would smell my fear and zoom over to eat me..bawahwhahwhaa Over here a chap has got a 4 foot one in his house, he spent 21,000 converting the downstairs of his house to accommodate this Croc. Now that’s snapping mad..BOL xxoxxx
    Mollie and Alfie


  3. bev…is the croc the meat eater or the gator?? I always get them mixed up…and have you ever been to dreamworld tiger island ? I saw a segment on the awesome pawsome SEVERAL years ago…
    LOVE THAT PLACE !!!!! I would fight someone for tickets to get in if they only had two left !! then I would get in and hide coz I would never want to leave 🙂


    • Well they both eat meat but not man eaters as they are said to be they only eat once a month and an amount the size of their head (of course if you went in to the water you would be attacked and they all move in but one croc will not eat a whole person ) they are huge creatures ! Dreamworld TigerIsland ..let me see….we have twice gone their before it has opened to the public and walked with the Mohan …the money for doing this goes to conservation,ther program is brilliant for conservation and the tigers are NOT tame..i have pictures 🙂 it was the best experience we ever had apart from also being out and watching whales ! Mohan has recently passed away at a wonderful age but I was shattered to hear about it.I can show you pictures even 🙂 I was in awe of this amazing animal..he was huge and soft and muscle pure muscle..you have to sign a form to say you understand he is wild and could attack!


      • awww….I didn’t know about mohan….and ya GOTTA post your photo’s sometime, I would love to see them !! I’ve always said I would rather walk into my garage and see 85 big cats eatin my car tires then walk into my garage and see one garter snake 🙂


        • I know laura,i went to Dreamworld earlier this year with ,my little sister and was so sad to hear he had gone ..I can’t believe I missed it on the news…I will post them soon and you will love them ..to touch him and be so close was..well you know I am sure..and yes I have said often I would be more worried about being held up at an ATM than facing a huge cat 🙂


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