Update Cleo aka Pumpkin head

Well it appears that Cleo has been like Alice way down the rabbit hole and bless her if she hasn’t been set upon by feasting Rabbit fleas…aka sticky fleas…the vet believes her over sized novelty head that she is wearing is a reaction to the bites.
Thank goodness just some Revolution and out damn fleas!
I must say i was treated to the “car song” all the way to and from the vets..you know the serenade of sadness..
But once in the consult room Cleo ( pumpkin head and all) was getting sexy with everything..she was all over the place with the love..her head even had started to recede back to a more normal cranium shape..you see Cleo has very oriental features and the most delightful upturned nose..so seeing her with a boof head was a tad disturbing.
I don’t like any oddness around the head as i always worry about the brain and the effects of infection. Call me paranoid but i have had meningitis twice so i have a soft spot for the brain..or a soft brain.
So Cleo is happily perched on my coffee table,feet tucked up dozing in and out watching the sweet little yellow plumed honey eaters dip in the bird bath.
I bet she is dreaming of the wonderful wonderland that she slipped in to and the adventures that she had…

Waiting outside  the rabbit hole

Waiting outside the rabbit hole

Waiting for Alice to enter

Waiting for Alice to enter

4 thoughts on “Update Cleo aka Pumpkin head

  1. cleo…WAYy glad ya iz doin better N WAY glad ya getted rid oh de nasteee fleez…enjoy yur day ta day N haza fun !!


  2. Cleo!! You should not, not, not be trying to get into rabbit holes! Those rabbit fleas could really hurt you and they are pawful! They get in your ears too…stay above the ground!! Be careful when you are having fun, ‘kay?


    • Savvy my mum was not happy with me!..i sneek out so quickly ..like lightning…mum won’t let us go out at dawn or dusk and we have to stay in at night…but if i see a chance..i know i am nawwty !


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