Garden critters

Garden critters

Garden orb spider and her smaller boyfriend,he was brave enough to spin his web behind hers.They swung in the breeze each waiting for something to be caught in their webs…patient indeed.Every evening she will spin an elaborate web that spans between our verandah posts,and in the centre she waits.Before dawn she has packed up her web and curled up almost impossible to find, hiding in the brown sinews of tangled star jasmine that grows along our verandah.
Note.. boyfriend made just the cameo appearance…i fear he became part of her meal…look out boys!

10 thoughts on “Garden critters

    • Beautiful! i love webs and ice pics,i must find one i have that is really delicate and goes between two gum trees..full height and width..stunning 🙂 and yes they look like decorations 🙂


    • Beautiful spider 🙂 i love the colors that insects have and the variety is amazing.I will try and dig out some other insect pics,always finding cicadas,preying mantis them..all creatures hey ..might even put my snake pics up…threat of death be damned when a photo op happens hehe 😉


        • I despise Maggots…we nearly lost one of our sheep to fly strike and pulling the bastards out of my poor babies backside was sickening!! it’s hideous,the mongrels eat them while they are alive..thankgod for a great vet and lots of tlc but t happened so quickly…yukk!! i love monkeys and pigs though hehe and roaches i hate if they get in the a clean freak/very lovely and well organised Virgo so anyhthing like that ..not on!


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