She’ll be Apples

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At last the first few fledgling trees for our mini orchard arrived on the weekend. Of course we start with apples as it seems only fitting since i won the best Apple pie and Best Apple cake and best Overall at the local Applefest.

First time i have ever done this,i love cooking and so at last i got the courage to enter..we live in the Apple capital of our state so Apples are abundant and beautiful.Now i had been doing test runs of my pies and cakes but the heat was unbearable!    The night before i was set to go and for some reason the kitchen was like an oven…well two actually..and epic fail on the pastry…i was not a happy camper!..tried again no luck,it kept melting under my hands,even after soaking my hands in ice.Eventually i threw it out and changed tack,i made another batch (an old recipe) and success.I finished after midnight,sweating like i had run a marathon.

Next morning up and at it..decided last minute to make miniature toffee apples to decorate my cake…toffee in this heat.They looked so cute but i was sure they would dissolve before being judged.I left my fare at the festival and came home as the kids were all up for the night and i had to entertain.

When i went back down the judging was over,i had the times wrong,i went to collect my pie and cake and found out i had one …i was so excited..little ole me…to know that something i love doing with all my heartand have done for the last 40 years was appreciated!

So the arrival of these Apple trees marks the start of our mini orchard,i have always had fruit and vegetables and chickens,but since we have moved the landscape has proven a challenge.

The recent state festival had these trees lining the local park,apples pears and quince.People could pick fruit and sit in the park and enjoy.They came up for sale at amazing prices,they are five years old healthy and bearing fruit.So with our quartz granite and slate ground they are perfect! I can’t wait to get the fruit next year straight from my trees to my kitchen and hopefully the winners podium!

16 thoughts on “She’ll be Apples

  1. How totally wonderful – congratulations! Looks REALLY yummy too…….no small feat to be “THE BEST” but a good apple pie or cake are two of life’s major joys!

    Pam (and Sam)


  2. conga rats pickles mom !! de pie N cake looks way deelish…if ewe dinna live cleer over ther…N we dinna live kleer over heer…we wood invite R selves ta dessert 🙂 we hope yur orchard doez reeely well !!


    • Thanks da tabbies! i would share with you indeed we could have a high tea pawty 🙂 and the little mini orchard i hope will be a plae for Pickles and her gang to laze under leafy trees 🙂


    • Hahahaha…oh i have my days too! and usually something stupid! had a hissy making scones once..never use a recipe just do them the way my grandma showed me..three batches..all turned out like hockey pucks! until i realised i used the wrong container of flour…moron! thanks i shall tend my babies with due care believe me 🙂


    • Hahaha i must confess with hubby away til friday on business i am tempted to get my bake on! I picked some Quinces today while chicken sitting (stay tuned for a full blog of pics with story when it’s over 😉 )and the house is filled with the smell …tempted to get up and Poach some in a sugar syrup and maybe pie or crumble up tomorrow 🙂


        • Arrive when hungry hahaha .I will and yes i don’t want to tell the story until i get the permission from the people i am helping,got to be so careful with info over the interputerwebberblogosphernets …hehehehe 🙂


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