Monday Mischief


Nobody likes a Monday…so i am doing Monday Mischief..

Well this morning was unpleasant,it’s cold and i needed coffee..but i head off for the 20 minute people are lovely but not the best drivers!

I mean they are so relaxed and the traffic was crawling…now i am usually patient (insert raucous laughter here) but i am Jonesing for a coffee,my head has that throb that only the caffeine addicted can relate to and i fear i may implode!

Eventually i arrive at my destination..of course take a number (like at the deli) and await your lucky bingo number to be called…already i am crestfallen..three people waiting and i get number three??

So either someone has fallen asleep at the counter or this is like extreme bingo.

My time arrives i almost skip..i can smell that bean and i know it is within reach,i get told to go into room two with my number three and wait…

I wait….i hear a conversation about leave loading…other mumbled conversations as well….i can almost see my coffee getting further away…

A girl comes in and asks if anyone is seeing me…i reply no i can almost not see myself by this stage.

A laugh in the hallway and a harried lady with a large grin walks in and apologises profusely…by now i am so excited that i forgive her anything…just take my now freeze dried blood and let me out !

Damage done i beam up at her and mention something i spied while waiting in the room,she laughs her head off..i know it’s juvenile and i know it’s really not for me but i tell her i must have one!

Even though i need to leave..i need to get my caffeine fix..i wait ..patiently as she tends to my strange request.

She bids me a great day and i also to her and off i go.

A little less blood on board and heading for my quadruple shot large latte with skinny milk…the proud recipient of….

I am brave indeed !

I am brave indeed !

8 thoughts on “Monday Mischief

  1. R mom used ta drinks cafe eeen like her wuz crazed……then her quitted drinkin cafe eeen N her bee came crazed !!!


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