A day in Forrests’ Forest..starring Forrest.T.S.Green (aka fozzie) and Doc

Forrests’ forest is the small front paddock that three fat sheep stay in when they need to slow down on the food!

Forrest loves this paddock he can go nuts in here quite safely,there are rabbit smells and sightings,sheep poop to munch on (no one said he had great taste) and also the bath tub that has the sheep water in it.

We don’t let the dogs go ‘free range’ anywhere on the property as there are inherent risks involved.Snakes in summer,parts of fencing that could be escaped through,and due to the size untold things that could cut,scratch or injure a running or curious dog,Roos are also a consideration as if the dogs see one …well they would have to chase,it’s in there nature.

Not only is it illegal to allow your dog to chase or bother wildlife,it is incredibly dangerous,a Kangaroo can kill a dog quite easily,also a dog roaming or straying on to neighbouring property is not good,the property owner could shoot to protect their livestock ad be well within their rights.

So ..enough drama and tales of doom,now to Forrests Forest!

This area has been gone over by myself and my hubby,we have checked fencing,the terrain and it is safe for not only the three fat sheep but our precious dogs..so when the sheep move to a different paddock ( the dogs do not bother our sheep at all but it would get crazy with sheep and dogs all over! ) it is time for the dogs to let their legs go crazy and run like the wind!

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14 thoughts on “A day in Forrests’ Forest..starring Forrest.T.S.Green (aka fozzie) and Doc

    • If threatened or cornered they will lift their legs and claw down,they Only do this in extreme cases, a dog nearby chased one and ended up needing extensive surgery,the same dog when he recovered got out and chased the roos again and this time one drowned him in the dam.I have a healthy respect for them and don’t push the boundaries here with them,we have some big Alpha males who would do a lot of damage! they are very strong.Wallabies are smaller and not as dangerous but the big red roos up far north and around the interior of Australia are massive..our big greys are about 6 foot standing so still impressive 🙂


  1. fozzie…ewe N doc hada a grate time….!!!

    tho seer ee iz lee, we dinna noe a kangaroo could…or would…kill a dog….we dinna noe they getted az big az they did either …we read yur answer up above…..

    are de rooz free roamin….like R they found…everee wear !!


    • da tabbies they are free roaming around country areas,sadly people build closer to their land and sometimes they get in areas they shouldn’t,sadly they are hit frequently on roads and highways as they jump so quickly you can’t stop..we have lots of places with roo fencing to stop them getting on highways but it still happens,it is very common to see them dead on the road and very sad too.They will destroy a car if hit they are so big and just yesterday in another state a 19 year old girl died when she tried to avoid one dead on the road and lost control of her car and crashed.At the moment we have three ‘mobs’ living in our street alone (we all are on about 11 acres) and i drive very slowly. 🙂


    • Wind in the ears!! our boys love the dam too ut are still on massive long leads in case we need to do a rescue,you never know what is in there !..oh and Forrest just loves it if he finds a Yabbie…delish! 🙂


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