Don’t fence me in

Farm fencing

Farm fencing

14 thoughts on “Don’t fence me in

    • Usually they are along highways where the roos are heavily populated,it keeps them from entering the roadway,theyare very high because they can clear even tall fences like superman in a single bound,some property owners also have them to keep roos from their pastures and crops,but they are incredibly expensive so not everyone can have them.A Kangaroo on a major highway can wreak havoc especially when people are driving at 110 kilometers an hour.These shots are along one of our major highways near where i am chicken sitting,the property i am doing this for has roo fencing around their house yard to keep the roos out,but the front of the property which is quite large,is all open for the roos to live and wander.Often properties are set up so pets and wildlife can be separate,much like we have done here,our cats are not allowed out after dusk or before dawn to keep the native animals safe. 🙂


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