Dinnermintz does the paperwork

Poor Dinnermintz…a girls work is never done.

Having to lie in the garden on birdie watch even though she has just finished breakfast and grooming!

Coming inside when it gets chilly only to find there are too many comfy spots and the choice is too hard to make.

Spending some time on fur management,followed by picking between the toes..hard but necessary work.

Finally getting cosy then realising birdies are outside the window performing Matrix like movements under the verandah.really annoying when you just want to sleep!

Dozing at last only to be licked all over by your little but big sister…who then gets sick of cleaning your giant head …just because she’s little..and then gives you a left paw right to the chops!

At last sleep..oh hang on now fur management has been thrown in to chaos thanks to Pickles lick attack…quick clean..looks good…right turn around turn around turn around okay now flop!

It cant be tea time already…okay if i must

Dinner…a quick wash of the face,behind the ears …around the bot bot area..and now sleep…please..

Perhaps a snuggle up on mums chair arm,only fits one so she might be left alone…

What! are you kidding..now their is paperwork to be done…

No wonder she look so unimpressed!

Dinnermintz is one busy girl today!

Dinnermintz is one busy girl today!

11 thoughts on “Dinnermintz does the paperwork

    • Thanks Dushtu..i am sleeping now on the firebox next to the fire…pretty sure my mum is about to take the doggies out for a wee before bed..it’s after midnight! and when mum does that we get supper!! mum gets our night beds ready and fresh meat and then she tucks the tail waggers in with a blanket and it time for zzzzzzzzzzzzz Purrs Dinnermintz


  1. deer cod dinnermints…say it iznt sew…ewe due KNOT wanna watch burds…trooly N reely ya don’t …trust uz….. 😉


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