Good Gorse! ….

Well folks i am on a mission and it is Gorse and Spiny rush…now i don’t want to disinfrachise our British friends but along with the Rabbit and Fox this Gorse is just no great present! I have no idea whether this was part of the colonial punishment plan but believe me people we are being punished..

I thought our Hedge Wattle Aka Kangaroo thorn was hideous but this stuff is even worse.Contractors have poisoned it and the gorsemite spider has knocked it around does not go quietly into the night! Like our Hedge Wattle it is thorny,these things are vicious, in all fairness though unlike Hedge Wattle it does not creep into your boots and clothes and seemingly hide for a month to spring out when you least expect it.

It prefers to get you right then and there.The roots have had me Mattocking,digging,cutting and almost pleading…please Get Out!! i spent three hours yesterday wielding my weapons on an incline near a dam and in precarious positions.I was deemed most amusing by the roos resting nearby…One root in particular i got on my hands and knees and twisted it around itself ..swearing and sweating all the time i kept twisting until it let go and nearly sent me flying down hill into the dam…i would have been stuck by the spiny rush first before plopping in the water.Spiny rush will invade and take over the whole dam,it has already started so it was also on my hitlist,this stuff is like trying to get concrete out! so where i have removed it i am replacing with a non invasive native rush called finger rush,once all this is done the water will be better,the erosion will stop,the birds will come back and the rabbits will go.

Spiny rush thrives in areas with salinity issues so fix this and it ceases to exist,but it has to go to fix it so catch 22.Rabbits of course use these rushes and the gorse and Hedge wattle for burrows,i know i don’t want to go near them so they are a great safe haven,remove haven and rabbits need to look elsewhere. I am choosing carefully what i plant around the dam as you need to be aware that some trees  leaf litter chokes the water, but we also have to replace the gorse and hedge wattle with suitable habitat plantings to bring birds back.We have kept copses of Hedge wattle for the birds until we can do this,also under planting. So i am tired,and in need of some nice gardening,but so many lovely blogs have given me the inspiration to keep doing the boring stuff and know that it is a means to an end. 🙂

It's everywhere

It’s everywhere

Stumps of spiny rush

Stumps of spiny rush

I need a bigger toy to get this stuff!

I need a bigger toy to get this stuff!

Three hours of work,i gave upon filling chaff bags...the pile on the right is ten feet high by about twenty feet long!

Three hours of work,i gave upon filling chaff bags…the pile on the right is ten feet high by about twenty feet long!

Some call them boy band pants..i call them work pants!

Some call them boy band pants..i call them work pants!

Dead Gorse...still kicking!

Dead Gorse…still kicking!

8 thoughts on “Good Gorse! ….

    • It ain’t nice hahahaaha.We are lucky as some properties are riddled with it,where ours is we can’t get a front end loader in so it has to be manually done,hubby is away with work and not happy i was doing it but it has to go,we will have winter soon and we can’t burn off if it’s raining,and we can’t burn off if it’s windy and the local tip won’t take it due to it’s classification as a weed of significance.Then we have spring and it greens up again and then the fire restrictions come in and blah blah it’s always a timing issue..we joke in the bush that really there are only three minutes a year it is safe to burn and we wonder why our bushfires are so bad!


    • Hehehe yes it is my Nemesis! thankfully i drive past far worse properties! our creek down the road is choked with this and blackberry and pampas grass,on the opposite side the property got a dozer in and cleared it…it looks like night and day,the side that hasn’t been cleared is for sale,it’s a vacant 8 acres,with this creek running through,i don’t think it will sell while it looks so bad…people know the work involved,it would be cheaper to pay a contractor to clear it and expose the lovely creek and then the land would sell quickly i think !


  1. I have some photos you’ll cringe at, for sure! Took a walk a few days ago, you’ll recognise some familiar villains (when I get round to posting). That’s so e hard work but satisfying to see it go, I’m sure.


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