Dinnermintz helping mum with some craft work….not!

8 thoughts on “Dinnermintz helping mum with some craft work….not!

    • Thankyou..i help heaps…mum got a pointy thingy in her hands a bit because she couldn’t work around me…i was just trying to see if i fitted in to the strange smelling new cosy thingy…Fatso is just like mum..not a cat and that’s always the problem xx


    • Thanks Sammy..mum just got some jumpers from the opportunity shop for a steal and covered our old beds (we like our cosies) right now she has to do another one for Cleo.but Cleo is also helping mum…we work way hard for kitties ..Paw pats Dinnermintz 🙂


    • Thanks da tabbies!! mum paid me with a kisses..at least i didn’t get in troubles like Cleo..she was helping mum with her bed tonight and saw mum had a pointy sharp thingy..so Cleo gave mum her pointy sharp claws to help and mum growled at her..then Cleo was sent out of the making room and locked out..she did the i am dying out here meow and mum said No! you are not coming back in until you keep claws in paws…all four beds are finished now so mum is happy again 🙂 have a great long sleeps weekdends…hugs Dinnermintz and gang xx 🙂


    • Hehe Thanks Easy…dinnermintz at least was too chunky and lazy to move…Cleo today was red carded and kyboshed from the room after deciding (while lying on the bed i was making her) to help me sew with her own needle like claws..thought it was a game…ouch! she kept going so out!..cried outside the door and now i have finished..she is back in the sewing room sulking…all four beds are done and in the lounge but Cleo has gone all Emo kitty hehe have a great weekend Easy 🙂


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