19 thoughts on “Chairwoman meow

  1. dinnermintz…while her iz feelin kinda like ugh…make sure ya get her charge oh card frum her …..go ta amazon.com……stuff az much stuffz inta de shoopin cart az possy bull….sit bak N wait for dee liveree 🙂 !! hope yur mum gets ta feelin better ~~~ !!!


    • da tabbies…have dunz a lookz aroundz and mums crudité card iz at the readyz…I wantz a purrty frockz and I wantz a after fives collarz…mumz still all salty and tastyz..me lickenz her coz she tastz like anchoviez….MOL ….thankz da tabbiez..itz tuff bean in chargez 🙂


  2. Yow Dinnermintz…guud luck wif dominashun n take over…every time me doez dat Mum getz better, MOL!!!
    yer poor Hu’Mum she wil not nose what hit her if you take over fer guud!!! Ya go gurl!!!
    Lub Nylablue xo


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