The one bird we don’t have in the bush

Of 39 different species of birds I have counted here on our property the King Parrot is one we don’t have.

This bird was a frequent visitor where we lived before,of course a different environment and three hours away is all it takes for a change in species.

It sounds greedy with the amount of species we do have,but I still miss these cheeky birds.The males of course have the full red heads the females are more green.

Those beaks can do some serious damage to a finger..just ask the woman(hmmmm) who rescued one that hit the window and took it to the vet..nearly lost myself a chunk of finger! the poor thing was not at all impressed with my rescue effort and sadly had done too much damage for the vet to help him.In Australia vets have an agreement to treat all wildlife which if can be helped is then passed on to the appropriate foster carer or released back to the wild.

23 thoughts on “The one bird we don’t have in the bush

    • Thankyou for liking them 🙂 we were very lucky to have them visit,we have taken our birdbath with us to our new property and it gets visited by many different birds now,all beautiful but I do miss these funny guys 🙂


  1. What an incredibly BEAUTIFUL bird! Bravo to you for attempting to save the one who “did himself a mischief” by flying into the window……their beaks DO look very bandage-worthy!

    Pam and Sam


    • Pam they are beautiful birds and quite funny characters..very happy to be around people,we have Rosellas and other Parrots here but I still miss these guys visiting,they used to walk around the roof of our gazebo and watch the dogs 🙂 those beaks are designed to crack gumnuts and things so they need to be tough, and we saved quite a few over our years and tried to make the windows less attractive! usually they needed a bit of quite in a box and then they would fly off.


    • Thankyou ..yes they are stunning birds,and they are very strong! poor thing..but we saved more than we lost over the years 🙂 alwayshad a towel handy but forgot my gloves so..he bit…hard hehehe bless him 🙂


    • Thanks Sherri-Ellen,
      we certainly have some stunning animals and birds here,sadly we seem to have our fair share of the worlds deadliest everythings too heheh,deadliest spider,snake,jellyfish, mixed bag for sure 🙂
      Bev xx


      • I hear you Bev…there is always a mix of beauty & beastie everywhere! jellyfish would scare me totally!! We have poisonous rattlesnakes here…well out in the forest…I have seen a few in my time & heard the rattle & run away 😉
        We also have Black Widow spiders; have seen 2 in my time & unfortuntely they met an untimely death…just too scared of them to let them live in my house with me….
        I prefer critters that do not poison me or give me allergic reactions 😉 Don’t we all??
        Sherri-Ellen xo


  2. I remember the first time I saw a cockatil is Cairns I honestly thought it got let out of the cage until I looked closer at the tree and saw hundreds all perched up :-). I am so used to seeing them on their on in cages in UK (Wrong I know) x


    • People have them in cages here too,the people who owned the house before us had an aviary which is bizarre because I have counted 39 different species of birds..why would you bother? not to mention the seed was probably what attracted the mice then snakes.. stunning birds we have and are very aware of how lucky we are :)x


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