Moving moment

Poor Forrest and Doc..trying to chill on a sunday by the fire when they were aroused to instant action when an earth tremor shook the house.

What's that noise

What’s that noise

Normally the cats are the first to get all funky..just prior to a shake..but the girls were no where to be seen.

The boys ran to the door and told the noise monster in no uncertain terms that they were not amused!


Go away noise monster!

Go away noise monster!

Doc convinced (again) it was the MURDULATOR..coming to get granny.

Don't like this one bit..could be a murdulator

Don’t like this one bit..could be a murdulator

As soon as it shook the house it was gone..the noise monster/Murdulator never made an appearance..the boys had done their job and seen it off..

Sunday could now resume it’s hectic schedule of relaxing.

As you were mum..all good

As you were mum..all good

Take that Murdulator!

Take that Murdulator!


20 thoughts on “Moving moment

    • Sammy..the girls usually run around all crazy but they just disappeared and left us to dealz with the Murdulator…since we live on a rock reefz it was a good one to move that! ..mumz going looking for gold now..we live in old goldfieldz and she reckons some might have been thrown up by the Murdulator….
      Sloppy dog licks Doc and Fozz


  1. Pawsum guardin Fozzie n Doc You scared da Murdalatorz n Shaky Munster away!!! 2 pawz up to both of ya….me haz felt da Shaky Munster here in it waz bery spoooky!!!!
    *paw patz* Nylablue xo


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