18 thoughts on “WET WEDNESDAY

    • I wonder what he was thinking ??? poor dogs have got cabin fever..love a swim in the dam love a dip in the sheeps bath ..but rain or wet feet…forget it! we have been getting a lot of rain which is fantastic! even the grass we tried to grow that turned it’s toes up is sprouting,which is good ….i am over dirt dust and rock lol


    • I don’t like the Magpies either! they dive bombz dogz catz and humans! humanz were silly hats with thingz sticking out tje top to ward them off…hate wet wednesdays easy 😦


    • da tabbies….yes BOL i think i know you have a real yuk for the burds..i don’t like the Magpie burds..they get mean when they got babiez but the other burdz i like to watch…just incase..one might be a murdulator!


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