A Birthday Montage to my Beautiful girl

Today is our beautiful Rhiannons Birthday ..her dad and I can’t wait to fly up and see her on Saturday…

Such a talented ,funny,caring,beautiful spirit is our girl….she lights any room she enters with a brightness,her laugh is infectious her art a true expression of her soul..our little girl still always our baby doll to us..

Born in an hour and a half  in a hurry to explore this world…she has always been the one to do things differently,she has always wanted to experience whatever life has to offer.

I adore you,i miss you and I look forward to a huge hug when we see you.

Happy birthday Dollface xxxxxxxxxx

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27 thoughts on “A Birthday Montage to my Beautiful girl

  1. Oh I hope you have an incredible visit with your gorgeous and EXTREMELY talented daughter! How fun to have had one pretty girl surrounded by handsome brothers – what a brilliant family you have…….enjoy your special time with her catching up – no doubt that’s a “given” !

    Hugs, Pam


    • Thanks Pam ..yes she is a clever little girl 🙂 and it is lovely to have one girl..and yes she can hold her own with her brothers,they adore her….they are all musicians,so the house was a very creative noisy environment! we are getting very excited to see her and just a quick hour long flight and we will be there 🙂
      Hugs Bev 🙂


  2. a veree happy birthday two ewe rhiannon…how kewl iz thiz…birthday greetings frum sum cats !!! we hope ewe enjoy yur day, haz lots oh fun, eat plentee oh cake N mice creem…oh wait, thatz for uz 🙂 N enjoy yur time with yur mom N dad when ya seez em …anda safe trip two ewe bev N huzband ~~~~


    • da tabbies Rhiannon loves cats!! she even has a tattoo of her boy Simba that she designed herself 😉 we will keep an eye out for some mice-cream 🙂 and thanks for the bestest wishes we will have a safe trip I am sure 🙂


  3. Bev your daughter is talented & beautiful & I know she gets these attributes from You & your hubby!!! I bet you both are so proud of Rhiannon!!! I can hear you chomping at the bit to go visit her already 😉
    (I thought you had already left; silly me…)
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxo


    • Thanks Sherri -Ellen that’s so sweet of you 🙂 yes we are and almost ready to go,still finishing this wretched scarf! rabbits had me side tracked but no digging this morning so must have fixed the problem 🙂 Off to get my rotten nails done soon,they have copped a hiding in the garden ..we fly out Tomorrow morning..and it’s colder still up there :(… I will post some action shots hahaha probably of me frozen solid and loving it (due to my body thermostat being stupid! )
      Have a great day to you and precious Nylablue
      luvs Bev and gang xxxx


      • At least you are packed & ready. Rabbits under control….all your 3 leggedz behaving…..I hope the scarf gets done soon & a nice nail job should lift your spirits.
        I shure hope your body does not freeze or overheat….fingers crossed.
        You know after gargling with Hydrogen Peroxide for 3 nites in a row & using warm salt water afterwards & rubbing Olbas Oil on my throa I am over ‘whatever it was that is going around’. I hope that is the end of it!!!
        Now the weather is co-operating & it was lovely, warm & sunny today!!!
        Safe trip…looking forward to pix & blog when you return (& have time to post).
        Sincerely Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue (snoozing beside me & letting me do the typing…..)


        • Thanks Sherri-Ellen,the nails look foul!! this girl did a really bad job and didn’t get what I was trying to say to her,just had to leave due to all the stuff have to do grrrrrrrrr,i am glad you are over the bug! and thankgoodness for some lovely weather :)..back to this wretched knitting …and as for the fur babies,they are ready to be pet sat by our youngest twin and his girlfriend so they are all organised,just made a pork fennel and leek lasagne for the kids for tea on Saturday night and we are taking them to tea this evening so busy busy..but will talk soon 🙂
          Think I might scooch up for a nap with Nylablue hehe
          Talk soon hugs Bev and gang xx


          • I hope the scarf got finished in time & all went well with getting to your daughter!!! You can curl up with Nylablue anytime!!!
            Have a wonderful visit!!!!
            Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue (out in Condo snoozing ……again….)


            • Thanks Sherri -Ellen and of course madame Nylablue! I ran out of knitting time,but I can post it 🙂 Had a lovely time and will have to get my pics up when I get the chance..for now responding to messages 🙂
              Luvs Bev and gang xx


              • Hi Bev: No problem & NO hurry!!! I am so behind reading blogs & I have stressed myself out about it!!! Silly isn’t it?? I am glad you had a great visit with Rhiannon & you are right; you can post the scarf when it done!!! I will try to get to reading blogs tonite….barring anymore disasters or power outages or acts of G-D!!!
                Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xo


    • Thankyou mythreemoggies 🙂 yes her art is wonderful,she was working on a piece when we visited and has just finished it,it’s Snow White and looks amazing 🙂


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