Hey Efurrybody….we didz it!!

Look out the thumbless wonders are taking over !

All Fur One and One Fur all


We got some mews for ewes…MOL….mumz lazy patootiez finallyz got up off our chair/her lazy areaz and dun our Blogz…

Finally a place fur just us thumbless little folkz to showz our stories and not stoopidz thingz bout Oomanz…

Cause mumz a bit fick..it tooked her sooooooooooooooooo longz that I fought she had a stroke…shez alwayz sayngz shez having a stroke but shez got no furs to strokez so she really iz a odd-ballz…

Any whooz now im ..a -sauced-ed frum waiting to ive her the dictationz….so I will getz back to ewes laterz on..

Just to keep you all in happy facez I show ewe meselfz..

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2 thoughts on “Hey Efurrybody….we didz it!!

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