Sending thoughts to Arizona

Deepest sympathies to those brave men and women who lost their lives fighting wildfires in Arizona
It is sincerely felt by all who live in bush fire prone areas.
We pay tribute each year in our town to those men and women and their selfless bravery in keeping us safe.
Australia is deeply saddened by this tragedy and it hits us all hard..distance is no barrier.
Every year your brave men and women volunteer to assist our men and women when our fires hit.
Rest in peace and to those left with the loss I send my love.

12 thoughts on “Sending thoughts to Arizona

  1. One of the hardest jobs there is – keeping people safe from fire or violence or whatever may threaten them….we salute the firefighters and police forces all around the world. What would we do without them? Lovely tribute.



    • Thankyou Pam..yes we have firies,police officers in our is a hard and dangerous job.
      Please let them get some relief soon.Mother nature can be a cruel mistress.


  2. this was so wonderful of you to post. I just found out about it this morning and I live in the U.S. People take for granted the incredible bravery of these fine men and women. You are a gem for posting this. ((((hugs))))


    • It hits us too,we have such an affinity with these men and women every year our countries go back and forth with brave souls giving their all to help with hideous fires that burn with such ferocity we can’t imagine.We have family in the fire services and police services and our hearts sink when we see these things.You are too kind I am no gem just a person who lives in a bushfire area and knows what the sacrifices are.
      Take care in this horrible heat you have and hug each other. Bev xx


    • Horrible damn things fires just awful,we spent a month away from home and the pets all in safe boarding during our Black Saturday fires…we have a very intensive fireplan for ourselves and all the pets..before summer I will do a post of the logistics involved,the things people need to remember,the things you don’t think of etc..the smell of smoke or watching these fires is enough to bring me to is like the stuff nightmares are made of.Thankyou for reading the post.I too hope people take care and take no silly risks.


    • Thankyou Mollie and Alfie….it is awful isn’t it…how terrifying for those people and how heartbreaking for the families,friends and work mates.


    • Mum sayz most welcomez..we all appurr-ciate the sacrifices they unclez lifelongz fire volunteers to and dadz cuz far they stayz safe..thankgoodness for that!


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