Thankful Thursday

I thought I would do a post today on a time I was indeed very thankful.
We had during this time lost two precious pets..Simba who was shot and killed in the September and Merlin who lost his battle with Feline Aids a week prior to xmas.
Not long into the new year I was cuddling Doc when I felt a huge lump right near his front armpit..i felt sick.
We are always cuddling the animals so this was a big and recent lump that I had not seen or felt before.
My heart sank,i felt cold ..hubby and I could not bear the thought that we could be about to face another animal tragedy.
I booked Doc in to our vet for the first appointment of the next day.
We took him down and our vet (where we used to live) Dr Findlay ..felt the lump and looked quite concerned,he said he didn’t like the way this had just appeared and wanted to get in and have a look.
Dr Findlay was never a vet to cut first and ask questions the concern he felt only made us more fearful.
Doc was booked in for an exploratory the next morning.
When we took him down Dr Findlay assured us he would let us know straight away what was going on the moment he knew…he looked so worried,he knew what we had been through recently and I think he dreaded having to give us bad news.
He did the xray on poor Simba to find out why he had died and he was the one who had to tell us he had ben shot,he also was the one who helped us get Merlin to the Rainbow Bridge when his fight with Feline aids finally took it’s toll…he knew we would be shattered at more bad news.
I spent the morning in a daze..i could not concentrate on anything,hubby and I just sat in the loungeroom waiting with Forrest for the call.
We got the call early afternoon from an obviously relieved Dr Findlay who said…it’s a grass seed!
He said it was so deeply imbedded that the surrounding tissue had abscessed and was very messy.
I could not hide my relief and burst into tears..i didn’t even consider a grass seed as he is a shorthaired dog and I thought that with brushing and cuddling etc I would have noticed!…
I did recall that he was rubbing himself more than usual on the carpet..which he did all the time..and this must have pushed it into his coat and then skin…as it got more irritating he must have rubbed it in further…but like I said this is so normal for rub and roll all over the carpet.
We picked him up in the afternoon…he had the cone of shame..antibiotics a drainage tube that looked like pasta and a massive amount of stitches…poor little guy..i burst into tears again..and bless him he licked them away..
Dr Findlay was beaming ..he knew we were relieved and then he grinned broadly and said…
“Now just keep him quiet for a few weeks” this always entertained Dr Findlay…he knew this was a case of goodluck!
Anyone with a fox terrier knows they have two speeds…flatout or asleep…yep keep him quiet!!!
Forrest was so glad to see him..he sniffed him all over..licked his face and settled down next to him on their beds in the see Forrest paced until Doc came home..he might be bigger but Doc is older and still Forrests Pack alpha..
So again much as when Doc had his Knee reconstruction..i slept on the dog beds with the boys for the next couple of nights..Doc with his head cradled in the crook of my arm sending it numb…and Forrest spooned on the other side of me snoring like a sailor.
So this is one of my many thankful moments..thankful that Doc was still with us thankful that our Vet was such a caring man and animal advocate and thankful that I can share with people the importance of checking for grass seeds even in short coated dogs.

26 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. My goodness…..who would ever imagine that a simple grass seed could cause so very much damage. I can just imagine how worried you were and also how relieved when it was something BAD but not SCARY BAD as a malignancy would have been. Poor guy – – – thank heavens he had an understanding animal AND human family post-op to give him extra cuddles and TRY to keep him quiet! Absolutely a thankful time – with a grand outcome. If only they could all be that way! Have a super Thankful Thursday! 😀

    Hugs, Pam (and Sam)


    • Thanks Pam and Sammy! yes it was a very relieved me that picked him up from the vet.I was astounded at the damage done and we still have the seed..tiny little thing you can barely see…very careful to check the boys thoroughly now!
      You have a great day Huge hugs Fozziemum and gang xx 🙂


    • Thanks guys 🙂 🙂 yes it was a fight..i couldn’t had stood losing another baby…all from this miniscule seed that we still have! we were indeed thankful…and of course Doc remained still for a total of about two and a half minutes!!! Fox terriers lol
      ((((hugs)))) to you lovely guys too
      Fozziemum xx


  2. “Now just keep him quiet for a few weeks” – that’s most impossible (specially for a fox terrier, they are like energizer bunnies). But we all try to do our best :o) Was it a seed from a foxtail grass?


  3. I had no idea of all the sadness you have been going through…Firstly, I want to give you a hug…Secondly, I wish to give my condolences…May you be blessed in every way dear one…I am so thankful Doc is home recovering in your family’s love…Prayers of health and healing are lifted for you!!!! -Hugs


    • Awww thank you so very much..yes we lost our two kitties two years ago is still hard to accept and Doc recovered beautifully! I found the photos on my computer when looking for something to represent thankfulness and I think they were a perfect subject.
      Huge hugs back to you too XX


  4. Oh Bev I bet you were crying tears of relief over it being ‘grass seed’. What that Doc gets himself into!!!!! I was crying with relief & then laughing about Dr. Findlay’s comment that you keep Doc quiet for a few weeks!!!! Wish you alot of luck with THAT task!!! Terriers are not known for ‘quiet’!!!!
    We include you & Doc in our prayers.
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue (off duty & sleeping in her own bed!)


    • Thanks Sherri-Ellen..i only just saw your comment..grr good on me…yes it was a few years ago but just found the pics again…I was stressed to the max…our babies are our world and I was beside myself…but no…keeping a terrier quiet..well Don was laughing he knew we had no chance hahahah 🙂
      Big hugs to you and Madame Nylablue xx


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