Wandering Wildlife Wednesday

Trying just to drive up our street sometimes takes a long time…with unpredictable behaviour we must proceed slowly as you never know which way these guys will go..

One of our 'Mobs'

One of our ‘Mobs’

They have nothing to fear from us so they are quite cavalier about where they hang out..

Mums got one on board

Mums got one on board

Sometimes they try hard to disguise themselves…

Pretty clever hiding spot!

Pretty clever hiding spot!

Even the babies want to know whats happening in the world

Gee get off the road mum!

Gee get off the road mum!

If we wait they soon take off..even if they have to do it with a mouth full of food!…

I'm out of here!

I’m out of here!

It took me 10 minutes to drive just up to the top of the street to our house…I don’t mind,they are beautiful and a very welcomeΒ group of neighbours that live in our street.

Bye guys see you later and have a nice day !

Bye guys see you later and have a nice day !

Sorry some of the pictures are blurred..dirty windscreen always a pain!






36 thoughts on “Wandering Wildlife Wednesday

    • Yay Mollie and Alfie we got you out of the Spam can hahaahaha…thanks guys..we had a day on the hop indeed! wish my feet were as big as theirs I might get around quicker!! have a great day..i think ..or night πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
      Fozziemum and gang xxx


    • Bless her..yesterday she was really draggin his big butt around..she looked like her pouch was resting on her feet lol kids hey ! and I cracked up at the one hiding behind the power pole..playing peek a boo hahaha they are cool…but ten minutes sheesh…I only had 100 metres to go to get home πŸ™‚


  1. fozziemum…wee wood be scared ta ba jezuz one wood hop out in front oh de car…N him could get hurt…R food service purrson runned over a squirrel once N her cried like a wee babee for dayz….R mom iz weird…..


    • da tabbies I ran over a blue tongue lizard once and bawled all the way home too..i am terrified of hitting one…I would hate to hurt it :(..guess us peeps are all the same hey πŸ™‚


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