Leo Has A Project…thankfully

Hey everyone lets spread the paw it forward that Leo is doing with help from Savvy and find MJ a beautiful panther girl kitty a new home! Please pop over to http://savannahspawtracks.wordpress.com and read all about this great kitty girl!
Fozziemum and gang

Savannah's Paw Tracks

HIYA!!  SAVANNAH HERE!!!…ok, ok…and Leo

Savannah:  So this our first really “partner” post…and I am gonna allow encourage Leo to start us off…ok, take it away Leo…

Leo:  Oh thanks Savannah…no, really, I so appreciate you letting me get this going…

…ahem…koff, koff…this is really new to me…but I am so proud to now pay forward to another pawsome Real Rescue Adult  Cat– all the love, support and kindness I received from Savannah’s paw blog,Twitter/Anipals and FB furriends.  

I have had so many of you give me help for my medical costs, help me promote my desirability as a companion cat…and you even made it possible for me to have a “hope chest” to take with me to my new furrever castle–I use my cat tower EVERYDAY!  I just want to do this for another adult cat in need of a furrever home and…

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10 thoughts on “Leo Has A Project…thankfully

    • I am sure someone will fall in love with her..i have lost two black kitties an still have one..i have a massive soft spot for them..they always have such great personalities :)…paws.fingers and hooves crossed here !
      Fozziemum x


    • I agree Sammy…wouldn’t the world be perfect if every animal had a home…a wonderful world indeed..Mary is so sweet and reminds us of our Cleo…
      Big hugs Fozziemum x


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