All About Eddie: Part I

Isn’t Eddie a character…let’s hope he finds his forever home soon

Couches for Breakfast

Last week, I posted about our wish for Eddie to find his forever home in the next couple weeks and why we are unable to foster him any longer.  While I’ve been posting about Edwin for over a year, those posts don’t fully cover the things we discuss with potential adopters.  Plus, let’s be honest, most people don’t want to dig through a year’s worth of posts!  Since there is a lot to say about an adoptable dog who has been in foster care for more than a couple weeks, I’m breaking this into a few posts.

If you want to see cute pictures of Eddie, go here.

Personality: Indoors

Indoors, Eddie is low energy and laid back.  He will happily snooze the day away but will soak up any attention he is given.


While he’s not the lick-your-face attention seeking type of dog, he loooves his scratches…

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10 thoughts on “All About Eddie: Part I

  1. dood…we trooly hopes ewe finds yur for everz home…ewe bee one awesum pup !!! R momz second bulldog wood have loved ta chillax with ewe, his two fav o rite things…ice cubes N gnawin ona racket ball 🙂


    • So sweet of you guys…he is a sweetie..he might be on the other side of the world and our accents may differ and our climate but a dog is a dog is a matter where 🙂
      We hope he can find a home
      Have a great day guys hugs Fozziemum xx


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