37 thoughts on “Halved my nicotine….Quadrupled my sugar

      • Oh Bev that cake looks so so divine..how was it??
        As for smoking I tried when I was 12 & coughed up a lung due to asthma so I did not try again til I was 18. I did not inhale & was able to ‘movie star’ smoke for a few years. I of course quit easily. I would have the occasional ciggie during the year (no more than 4 a year) & then 1 1/2 yrs ago i was told I have elevated BP so no more 4 ciggies a year even….Physically it does not bother me but mentally knowing I am not *allowed* to smoke makes me want one….I was offered one last month & I actually reached for it & then I recoiled & stammered ‘No thanks’. i explained to my friend I am not supposed to & she was very understanding & said I was mighty strong to resist temptation. I told her I do it one ciggie at a time….I hope you are doing well just for today….uummm pass a piece of that cake please….


  1. fozziemum…we due knot smoke but we can still help ewe eat that cake !!!! R mom says it DOES getz eazier…her smoked for like 30 yeerz ore even mor; we due knot noe math veree well….her just cut one out a day for like two weeks, then cut another out a day for like two weeks til her was down ta just one; then made a promise on new years eve…that wuz de last time her wuz gonna smoke ever again….that bee bout 6 yeerz ago !!! best fishes two ewe !!!


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