1. OMD just popped over and read this, am in total shock. That poor little pup. I have the HW up today but will go back and put a link up to your blog. Let’s hope between all of us we can find this pup a loving home xx00xxx

    Mollie and Alfie


    • I am just gobsmacked at the hideous disrespectful lack of humanity Mollie!! for the love of Pete where the hell do these people get off….thankyou sweet one..i was in tears for this poor girl today..bless her..xxxxxxxx


  2. How incredibly sad…..the saddest thing is this happens a million times more than any of us even knows……and that’s heartbreaking to think of so many animals who are just barely existing and will never know what it’s like to feel love in conditions such as this. My heart just aches for them.



    • I know Pam..does my head in…the reason I haven’t done vol work for awhile..couldn’t sleep for the images..i think it was the blatant callous attitude and the fact they seemed to think they did this poor dog a favour…how bad must life have been for this little soul to still stay even without fencing…I have shared and shared I pray someone helps get this little girl into a home.not a house a home…
      Bev x


  3. I read that, and I’m sad that they appear to be pretty ignorant..but as horrible dog people go this one is not all that bad. At least he’s not tying it to the back of a pick-up truck and driving around as a method of “Getting rid of it.” I’m sad to say that I’ve seen the survivor of such a method, and after that…it’s all a matter of degree.

    Here’s hoping this dog can get into an understanding home.


    • I know..years of shelter vol and I have seen some hideous stuff..this was just the rude and callous disregard..i felt humiliated to be human …again..i am pretty sure the poor girl will be re homed as I got on to that place and could see many people wanting to even pay for her and shelters offering to get her,the original ad apparently was pulled..i live in Australia so have no clue how she went…thanks for showing your concern..restores my faith in people..Bev


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