Miss my Echidnas…found these shots from last year…bless him what a sweetie!


This year apart from a sighting just down the road, we have not had a visit from Eddie or Edwina or Al the Echidnas.

I miss them.. they would arrive and take a stroll around the property searching for ants and termites and they had nothing to fear here as we don’t allow the pets to harass wildlife.

Since the 8 acres next door has had an area cleared for a house we have not seen them. There is no work happening next door.. but the trees are down in a big area and I am sure the Echidnas don’t like traversing across such bare spaces of land ..it just shows how fragile our environment is I suppose and how even the smallest change can affect the wildlife that lives within.

Amazing strength in those claws….

And the beak is a wonderful holder for a lovely long tongue designed to…

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14 thoughts on “MISSING MY MONOTREME

  1. He is really cute. I had to Google Echidnas to read about them. Now I’ve found another reason to want to visit Australia. Judy


    • Haha aren’t they amazing creatures Judy..we are so blessed to have such amazingly unusual creatures…Platypus are incredible too! and he is a cutie and I do miss him ..hope he returns! and if ever you can do visit..we have some good stuffs 😉 hugs Fozziemum xxx


    • Yep very Annie..so I am hoping they have moved down the back..there are still lots of termite mounds down there(not house eating kind but bush kinds) and the dam so plenty of good food etc..they have a huge territory also so all within our property they would have places they already called their own..they may just not want to be in the open next door…really annoyed though as no work has been done anyway and the land has been cleared for months……. since it was done in winter I hope they have moved…we have had an influx of birds..but I also hope the tree dwelling critters got to move…


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