I am having fun going through my photos.. but the culling process seems to be taking forever!!!


I have been thinking of the different seasons and the creatures who arrive to spend that season with us. Although it is Summer when Spring arrived it had all the reptilian creatures arriving to charge their solar panels and ready themselves for the summer.. along with the Echidnas the spring sees the arrival of Stumpy Tail Lizards… or Bob Tails as some Australians call them. Wonderful creatures whose rear ends look like their front to trick predators…they are a welcome garden visitor as they eat snails and other small critters.. we have to move them regularly as they would not fair well with the cats and we move them down near the dam where there is abundant food and water for them. This was the first Stumpy I saw when Spring arrived…he had poked out from a bush as I walked the dogs (on lead) and so I finished…

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16 thoughts on “THINKING OF SPRING

    • I agree Mollie..just got 6 or so more weeks of Summer…then Autumn which is lovely ..then Winter..which means lugging wood to burn..which is what we are trying to avoid for the next 6 or so weeks.. Bwahahahaha ..never happy me..mind you we have just been watching Great British Bake off and think we may move to Wales…………;) hugs Fozziemum xxxx


  1. That lizard is really cute. I am so ready for spring. The temperature is below zero farenheit again. I guess it is better than having it too hot. You can always put more clothes on but you can’t always take them off. I thought of that when I bundled up just to go out to the end of my driveway and get the mail. I guess my neighbors would rather see me all bundled up than wearing almost nothing. Judy


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