Need some good vibes folks…

Please  send your good vibes to Cleo and Marbles both were in the back yard and I have found a dead Red-Bellied black snake..

Vet says to monitor as they both seem fine at the moment…

I  feel ill….seems snake may have been dead a while and bought into the yard by Cleo..who may or may not have killed it..

We will be watching her and Marbles very closely…

That’s  all for now folks..



76 thoughts on “Need some good vibes folks…

    • Molly everything was fine overnight with the girls happy as larks today!!!! very lucky indeed..we thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers…I need new undies though!!! Hugs and loves Fozziemum


    • Thank Easy..girls are fine today..thankfully…what a damn nightmare indeed..couldn’t find the emergency vet number..then rang wrong number three times…freaking out the while time……arghhhhhhh


  1. I hope the cats are alright. That is a big snake! We get snakes around the creek here but not as big as that one. We are sending good vibes and hopefully Dinnermintz and Marbles will wake up feeling well. XX


    • Thanks Sharon..Cleo was the one I really had my eye on!! of cats are always adventurers! yep it was a goo size just over 1.3 metres..and thik and healthy…think a hawk or eagle may have dropped it..thanks for the gift CLEO!!!!! XXXX


  2. Oh no………I do hope they weren’t bitten – do keep us posted….sending purrs and prayers. It’s hard to tell from the photo – is that thing as BIG as it looks?

    Pam (and Sam who says OH NO to snakes!)


    • Thanks Pam and Sam..yes the girls are all fine after an uneventful night!! yes it was a decent size. just over 1.3 metres or four feet….yetch!!!!! sleepless night for sure here!!! hugs and loves Fozziemum xxx


  3. whoa…cleo N marbles…we due knot wanna sound like gross …but we hope it bee dead bee fore ya finded it N ya thought it bee a toy…heerz offerin sum St Francis blessings two ewe both that him …de snake…knot St Francis…did KNOT bitez either of ewe…de food serviss gurl heer wood be freekin out mega time…we can understand why yur mumz doin poor lee XXOOXXOOOXX


    • Dudes we think it may have been deaded by a hawk or eagle and dropped then picked up by Cleo and dragged home ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww alls well though !! thankfully…poor me 😉 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  4. Oh noes!!!! Sendin’ tons of POTP just incase! And keepin’ my paws crossed that maybe a squirrel brought it in and deaded it….those little buggers are nasty ya know!
    Ruby ♥


  5. Cats who live through one snake encounter usually figure out how to handle them. Hell, even my pampered indoor boys leap straight up into the air if they are inching toward something that looks vaguely snakelike (power cord, string, etc) and it suddenly twitches!

    Noooo, I never ever make the snakelike thing twitch just to see them jump! Hahahahhaha. Of course I do.


    • Just a quickie as I am so behind and need to get some paperwork done..the girls are fine..kept a close on them all night and they are peachy ..we believe the snake had been dead awhile on a closer look so she has either killed it and been damn lucky or found it and bought it home..ewwwwww scary indeed!!


  6. Good grief…my belly turns just looking at that monster!!!! Do not like snakes at all!!!! Blessings and protections on your little ones always….so very thankful you let us know they are fine…Shew!!!!


  7. Uh Oh! I don’t know anything about that particular critter, but our Angus was bitten by a rattlesnake, very scarey! Is the Red Bellied toxic in the body or does it take a bite?


    • I am unsure about digesting but the bite is deadly..not as deadly as the brown snake but pretty close,they are not as aggro as a brown and are the only animal including humans immune to brown snake venom! they are cannabalisitc and will eat baby and mid sized browns…beautiful but no thanks!!!


  8. Goodness! How terrifying for you, I can’t even imagine 😦 So pleased to be one of the lucky ones reading this after the event when the ‘all is well’ bell has been sounded. But my heart goes out to you!
    Hugs, Carrie (Myfie, Ellie and Millie) x


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