Beauty and the Bee’s

How I deal with the blahs!!! 🙂


Sometimes I think we need to take ourselves on a self imposed Time-out…I did this yesterday…

Instead of just doing something I had to… I made a side trip on the way there and then again on my return … Nature has a calming effect on makes me stop and it makes me focus on the things that really matter…the earth and her beauty…the miniscule the majestic , it really doesn’t matter as they both hold a grace and tranquillity that seems to be lacking in a world increasingly focused on seeing in a straight line one dimension.

Sometimes life calls for the dangling of bare feet in a water course….for the closing of eyes to hear the sound of life that is abundant in nature..

When did you last take a side trip and dangle your feet in nature …if it’s been awhile then you owe yourself.

Bees in blooms Bees in blooms

Bright and beezy Bright and beezy

Jumping for joy Jumping…

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30 thoughts on “Beauty and the Bee’s

    • Dang weather!!! hahahah yes footsies almost blinded by the sun when I took them off…what is this stuff called fresh air they cried bwahahaah…love my Boots but boy I loved getting them off for a little while 😉 hugs Fozziemum xx


    • You are so welcome 🙂 this is a lovely reservoir…we have 11 acres of our won but getting out is sometime the best 🙂 I am sure when we down size eventually the kitties here will miss it..i wonder how they will feel..hugs to you Fozziemum.


  1. Oh, I LOVES that!! Those bees seem to really loves that bloom! Must be tasty
    I liked the duckies, and I can’t believes you had that dock all to yourself! Such a beautiful day, I would thinks everyone would be flockin’ (hehehe) to it! Lucky you!
    You should have skinny dipped out to the floating dock…give the duckies a thrill!! BOL
    Ruby ♥


    • Ruby those bees were up to their knees!! and he sound of the whole banksia buzzing was wonderful..even if I am allergic to bees bwahahaha..and you are right where was everyone!! two fisherman turned up just as I was about to leave…scared the beejeebers outta me I was so zoned out !! and I agree should have gone in with the duckies for a skinny dips….I was soooo tempted to be a 16 year old and just jump in clothes and all…probably would have sunk bwahahahha big loves and kisses Fozziemum <3<3 xxx


  2. Oh, I totally agree with you on the calming effect that nature has Bev and you had the right idea there hon! Stunning shots as usual sweetness! Love them all! 😀 ♥ Big Hugs ♥


    • Thanks so much Sonel 🙂 I will head back later this week…the walk around is beautiful too..huge redwoods and eucalyptus..ahhh the dangling feet 😉 huge hugs Bev ❤ ❤


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