Nalle’s First Class

Look at our beautiful friend Nalle and the wonderful schooling she is doing to become a therapy nurse pup!!

Healing With Animals

photo 1 Woooooowooooooo Efurrybuddy! This is Nalle, pronounced Naahhh-lay or Naahhh-leee for short, and my name means “teddy bear.” As you can guess I am super sweet and I am studying at the SPCA to become Nurse Nalle working as an Animal Assisted Therapy Pup (AAT). I hope to go on to graduate school too, to become a Puppy Dog Tales reading assistant.

I already passed my initial evaluation last month, and then yesterday I had my first class with other pups training to become AAT nurses. This class was mostly lecture, and it was, well, a bit boring. I laid down in the room so efurryone could rub my tummy, but they all just giggled. I sang, “Wooooooooowooooooooooooooooooo,” but no buddy knew my song. I did play bows too, but none of the pups wanted to wrestle-wrestle. Good thing Mama was there to take notes fur me! Here are some pictures…

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12 thoughts on “Nalle’s First Class

  1. OMD, Nalle is just the cutest!!!! Just lookie at that lovely face!! I would loves to play wrastle with her, butts I’m afraid that I would gets her in troubles…Ma always says I’m a trouble maker…whatevers
    Anyhu, I sure hopes your furiend does well ~ I thinks she will, I mean who doesn’t like play bows???
    Ruby ♥


    • Ruby never would you be a bad influence bwahahahaa 🙂 I am sure sweet Nalle will do really well..she has her handsome brofur Kuruk to guide her 🙂 hugs and lovies Fozziemum xx ❤


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