The shopping list

My dear friend BACON and I were discussing how interesting it would be to do a post on our shopping we decided 30TH April we go shopping!

It will be so we can all compare or countries different costs for the things we use so often.we already came to the conclusion that Bacon wouldn’t be driving his mum’s car down under with the price of Petrol/ gas.

So I will do a conversion for folks as some of us use litres some gallons..some pounds some kilograms…yes a challenge for the mathematically challenged being organised by the queen of the Mathematically challenged!

So a quick conversion….sheesh here we go…

One United states Gallon = 3.785 Litres

250 grams = 8.815 ounces

One Aussie Dollar = 0.93 United states dollar

=0.5537 British dollar

= 1.0249 Canadian Dollar

= 0.6724 Euro

Now you are thoroughly confused and possibly snoring here is the list Bacon and I came up with πŸ™‚

Any other things you think are interesting to know just add them in πŸ™‚

A loaf of bread

Gallon of milk (we can do the conversions for litres)

Dozen eggs

Gas/petrol per gallon

Movie tickets

Movie concessions if any

Mc Donalds Cheeseburger

Jar of peanut butter

Can Fancy feast cat food (any type is fine)

So this should be fun..if we find a really great value country who knows we may all end up moving!!!

Sorry for the way behind post and catch ups..still really busy..i miss being in blogville!!!



51 thoughts on “The shopping list

  1. Mr. Midnight was baffled as to why a can of Fancy Feast cat food can be had for many differing denominations. HeΒ΄s so confused. He thought that it should taste the same whatever the price tag humans place upon it. I have now calmed him down after having informed him that human beings love figures. Sir WInston adds that “numbers” and calculations must be a loving passion among humans.
    Thanks for posting, although it did confuse the lads a little.


    • I must say Mr Midnight i of the same opinion as all the girls here..taste is all that matters..we do love figures and comparisons..curiosity being the issue hahahah..poor lads they may need a fancy feats and a nap now!!


  2. This should be really interesting to see the different prices from all over. On the day of posting – April 30th – if you think of anything add that might be interesting – be sure to add them. Can’t wait! XOXO – Bacon


  3. bev…shopping here in the states can be insane; no one person will pay the same price; it varies from coast to coast, state by state, city by city…for example gas in manhattan can range at 3.80 while in dallas it’s 3.40 and in LA ….4 dollars per gallon…shopping at different grocery stores is even nuts….local mom and pop deli might charge 2.45 for a loaf of bread, specialty shops 3 or more; go to the “day old bread” place it’s 60 cents… we will add to your list ….pizza hut pizza, dozen doughnuts…box of cereal; standard corn flakes and a pair of sneakers….we will just pick a name…Nike…β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯


    • Hahahaah Nike it is ….i know our jeans sneakers etc are way dearer than the states with most people finding it cheaper to buy online and get them shipped..our petrol goes up the day before any long weekend or holiday i know our petrol prices are much dearer here ..excellent list additions my sweets πŸ™‚ i know half a dozen hot jam donuts that are to die for cost 8dollars AD πŸ™‚ ❀ ❀


  4. Oooh, now that was an awesome idea for sure Bev and Bacon! Now this should be lots of fun. Let’s see:
    I’ll write the South African Rand price first and then the Australian Dollar, okay? πŸ˜€

    Loaf of white bread : R12-00 AD= 1.22
    Milk per Litre: R10 AD=1.02
    Petrol per litre: R14 AD=1.42
    Doz Eggs: R20 AD= 2.03
    Peanut Butter: R35 AD=3.56

    That’s about average prices rounded up. Guess it depends on the salaries paid in Australia and here. For us it’s heavy prices and it’s a struggle to keep head above water sometimes, especially if you can’t afford medical aid or when something else comes up and you have to pay for it.

    I have no idea what movie tickets or concessions cost as we don’t go to movies. We watch them at home and no, I don’t pay for them. I download them. >:D
    We don’t have a cat so I’ll go with Simba’s dry food that is about R40 1.5kg. AD=4.07

    Okay, waiting to hear if you think it’s cheap or not or if one of us are going to move. πŸ˜†

    β™₯ Hugs β™₯


    • PS: Forget the MacDonald’s burger. That I don’t have a price on as I’ve never eaten one and won’t ever either. Yuck! πŸ˜†


    • Well your petrol is about the same and your milk and bread..i had the kids tell me the movies are 17 AD a ticket ..we never go bwahahaah dog food we pay on special usually about 3.50 AD a kilo our eggs we buy free range which are 6 Dollars AD a dozn and the cage eggs about 4 dollars but we have a shortage due to bird flu…i only buy free range anyway..our cost of living has gone up Med insurance house insurance and rates are ridiculous! we were not as badly hit by the global financial crisis here but we now have tough changes coming in which will see more costs rising ..:) husg Bev xx


  5. Wows, how interesting this will be!! I can tell you a couple of things off the top of Ma’s head:

    Bread: 2.50 to 3.50
    Milk: 2.00
    Coke: 3.00 (12 pack)
    eggs: 1.50 dz
    gas: 4.10 to 4.35 gal (butts Ma has a discount card with her grocery shopping that can take up to 2.00 off each gallon! WooHoo! thou, she’s only ever made it to 1.00 off a gallon)
    McDonald’s burger: 1.00

    this is all in California, which means the prices are usually higher…

    Ruby β™₯


    • Ruby that’s a great list! our petrol works out a lot dearer here and our eggs at the moment are about 6.50 dozen (free range) the cage eggs are still around 3 or 4 dollars a dz i think but we have a shortage due to an outbreak of birdflu in NSW which means peeps have to buy free range which proves their conditions are better πŸ™‚ Cheeseburger is about 2.15 Aus dollar i will get my list up soon..this is fun πŸ™‚ Lovies Fozziemum xx


    Loaf of bread (Rye) $3.89
    dozen eggs $3.25
    2 litres of milk $4.49
    peanut butter (Skippy 1Kg) $6.79
    Fancy Feast 85-99 cents per can
    petrol $1.35 a litre
    Movie ticket $7.00
    Movie concession snacks $5.-$15.
    McCrappy’s burger UNKNOWN!! **shudders* Is that REALLY food, lol??
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too xoxoxo


  7. Sorry, once you said movie tickets, you went outside our budget! $15 US!

    Loaf of white bread $2.29
    Dozen eggs $2.09
    Gallon of milk +/-$3, it goes on sale a lot
    Peanut butter: can’t really compare because I buy it at a warehouse store. A gallon for $7
    Fancy Feast $0.89
    Gas $3.71 gal
    Movie concession snacks – for $30 for 2 tickets, concessions better damn well be free!!!!
    McDonald’s burger $1, by pass surgery, priceless


    • Yep we don’t go to the pictures either..ridiculous ..had to ask our adult kids who don’t have the expenses we do and tend to pffaff off to the pics all the time bwahahah and Macca’s is a desperate burger when we are caught short out and about..the Mc’Scoff burger we call it bwaahaha I will have to get my list sorted and do the math ;0


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