Today we remembered the fallen and the walking wounded who sacrificed so much for our country.

We see the sun rise at Gallipoli and hear the haunting lone bugler and think of those so young and so brave who fought on foreign soil and never made it home.

Next year will mark the 100th ANNIVERSARY of the landing at Gallipoli..time has marched on.

We wear red poppies or badges we wear Rosemary for rememberance and we watch as the surviving soldiers become less each year.

I thank my grandfather who fought in Egypt and returned home to a new country Australia so foreign to the lushness of Wales..he  married my grandma a lass who during the war drove trams in Scotland and came to live with him in this harsh country of Australia..not so far from where I now live.

Thankyou to those who at such a young age bravely fought to allow me the freedom to express myself in this great country.

Lest we forget.

25 thoughts on “ANZAC DAY

  1. similar to our memorial day Bev; Carl, Jack, Bud, Ed, Dave, Greg and Gerard all fought..Gerard was the only one who didn’t come home ♥♥

    Happy weekend; hope the Cleo versus Forrest post brings some blog visitors to the land down under !!!


    • So sad…just babies really…and what would they think of how we treat each other now..have we learnt anything..Gerard will be in the company of so many brave and selfless men women and animals that served their countries Laura ❤ ❤
      Have a great weekend too and the post was hilarious…my big giggle for the day 🙂 lovies Bev xx


      • he and pete…pete was a service dog in WW2; german shepherd, served all 4 years. he was a messenger and came home unscathed only to be shot and killed by the neighbor two doors down from my grandparents….a REAL trial took place then….bum took the neighbor’s ass all the way to the supreme court in the state….he won the case …tho of course it didn’t bring back pete 😦 anyway, enough sads…..happy week end ♥♥♥♥♥


        • Too sad my be lost in such a violent way is beyond words..justice is really only for the dead as the living are left missing those they lose and a heart left heavy.
          And yes have a great weekend…people stink but then there is us 🙂 lovies Bev xxx


  2. A day of remembrance is important. Soon it will be Memorial Day here. I will go to the parade, and Mom will clap for the soldiers and wave at them. I will try not to be afraid of the drums.

    Love and licks,


    • Cupcake the drums can be very scary and loud..i am sure you will be fine! Indeed they are very moving services and a good reminder of how we should never take for granted the lives we have. Lovies and hugs fozziemum xx


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