Sending our love prayers and thoughts

We send our deepest sympathy to all those people and animals affected by the horrible tornadoes in the States.

We may be a long way from you in distance but as a country we know the pain of Mother Nature when she is enraged. we send you our love and hope all that all our friends stay safe if storms come there way …..


38 thoughts on “Sending our love prayers and thoughts

  1. aaww you are so very sweet. They have been really bad in Arkansas. It seems the storms are also in Memphis. Everything is coming our way here in Georgia – they are predicting around 10pm tonight or early in the wee hours of the morning. XOXO – Bacon


    • Please take care my friend..we saw the damage and heard of 18 people losing their lives…we know what it is like to have an angry weather event..we send our love and hope you are all safe in you little piece of earth Hugs Fozziemum xxx


  2. Thanks so much….how sweet of you to post this message. We’re looking for some “rocky” weather to arrive here Wednesday – same system as the one west of us…..hopefully no tornados though – SO sad about Arkansas. We have our fingers crossed that those in the path of this latest batch of storms are safe…..

    Pam and Sam


    • Same here Pam..we are also getting storm alerts on our mobile phones tonight..strong winds etc..w have a cold front moving across the state..we don’t get tornadoes they get cyclones up north and had a late one for the season. I hope by the time the cell arrives in your area it has blown itself out. Hugs and love BEV xx


    • Me either living with Mother Natures fury is very scary..we don’t get tornadoes where we are but for us it’s bushfire..hoping people all stay as safe as they can Fred .


  3. This is the start of Tornado season in what is called “Tornado Alley”. Problem is, so far in 2014, there has been at least one every month. They’re going to need everyone’s good thoughts this year.


    • Yes we all know about your Tornado Alley and the hideous weather events that happen..indeed mother nature is on a bender this past few years!! our top end had late season cyclones which is unusual too..we will be sending our thoughts your seems apart from a few areas in the world we are all in the path of fire flood cyclone tornado drought ….crazy!


  4. Oh, it can be soooo bad there! I can’t imagine living in tornado country! It is really scary and crazy this time of year!! Keepin’ everyone in our thoughts and prayers!!
    Ruby ♥


    • Ruby it is very sad and so scary for those poor people and their animals..i always worry for the livestock in any crisis..they must be terrified and sometimes forgotten 😦 ❤ Fozziemum hugs xx


  5. WE too send prayers to our Southern neighbors. So much is hapening with the weather….it is not improving. Did you see where a street collapsed in Baltimore, Maryland, USA?? It was so shcoking to watch it just collapse into itself.
    Makes me nervous to walk outside!!!
    Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too xoxoxo


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