28 thoughts on “Magical Moon

    • Thanks my sweet….the moon has been glorious this week…and the girls are going nuts…moon always affect Pickles….so not much ‘peace’ her 😉 hugs Bev xx


    • Poor George..is it the moon or the actions of the outside critters that seem to make more noise and bumble about? it’s just the cats that go crazy here….especially Pickles..acts silly all day and night.very tiring to watch….;) hugs Bev xx


    • CK you can still enjoy..the girls here..particularly Pickles really get their moon goddess on….Pickles…herd of elephants all day..curtain climb..backwards moon walk on curtain rails…biffo and smacky paw at the other girls…sheesh she is a real Moon Diva….;) hugs fozziemum xx ❤


  1. Hi, Bev. We must stay in touch so I followed you. Love the Moon, by the way. She has been SO bright this week. Beautiful images of Her you have here, and yes, oh yes, my cats go nutso on the Full Moon. Tee hee. Picture 14 cats ….. you got the picture? xx Amy


    • Hahaha I popped out looking for the wedgie..he alludes me again..i will follow you too..as I think we will have great stories to share Amy and yes I can imagine!! we only have four girls now..but I worked as a volunteer for years with kitties and the moon drievs them batty!!! it has been a beautiful moon this week :0 talk soon off to get some roo pics 😉 xxx Bev


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