Please send prayers to our Aussies

As I type we have a situation in Sydney with hostages being held by an unknown man who has been forcing hostages to hold what appear to be flags of militant organisations..

These Aussies just went to work or to have a coffee..and their world now has been turned upside down..

As this continues we pray for a peaceful resolution..

This is not Australian…this is not how we live…

84 thoughts on “Please send prayers to our Aussies

      • I think it is important to remember the majority of people want peace.<3
        I just come from your next blog and I would like to reblog it. It is truly beautiful and made me feel a bit better.
        There is always hope. As long as their are people like you in the world.
        I loved my Christmas card with Fozzie and Doc on it. ❤


        • Sharon I agree..i think a majority of the world wants to live n harmony..i feel for those who will targeted because of the actions of one person…I sincerely hope not…I take each human on face I think we all should..thank you my frind..I am glad you got your cardie 🙂 and yes please reblog..our Autstralia is beautiful and we should all spend time today focusing on that beauty..hugs Bev xxx


  1. These situations are desperately troubling wherever they occur in the world AND they occur with increasing frequency anymore……so sorry it’s happened in Sydney. We are praying the situation resolves PEACEFULLY.

    Hugs, Pam


    • I agree Pam…so senseless as nothing is ever achieved and nobody ‘wins’…seems life for some people has become very cheap….we are also hoping for a peaceful resolution and some answers…
      Hugs Bev xx


  2. I’ve read it yesterday and I was speechless… I hope so much for an unbloody end. It’s so hard to perceive that no one is safe from this madness. And it’s so darned unfair that innocent people are always the victims…just for being there at the wrong time…


    • I agree Easy…our lovely country is no immune from madness and evil…sadly innocent people have died…just because they were living in a free country and going about their daily routine…very very sad day here…


  3. Our hearts and prayers go out to you for a quick and safe end to this ordeal. We couldn’t believe it when we turned on the news this morning and saw this. Unbelievable! People need to unite and stand strong not destroy. ❤ XOXO – Bacon

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    • Yes I have just woken to the news…evil knows no country boarders and sadly mad is matter where you live…so pointless and vile..i hope people here do not use this as a weapon against innocent faiths and races man one act..heartbreaking…


    • M.K I agree…we are always so laid back and this is just awful…sadly people everywhere are not safe from the acts of madmen…there has been no peaceful end ..we have lost two innocent Aussies and the gunman has also a pointless event…


  4. I just heard about this on the news this morning and was shocked. Heard about the heartbreaking outcome too. You are right, I never hear anything like this taking place in Australia. Sickies need to stay in their OWN countries!


    • Jean and Shoko I have just woken to find two innocent people have been killed and the gunman also..i do not know what time it ended as it had been going on all day when I went to bed….I do not know much more about it yet as I am getting bits and pieces…most Aussies are sending messages to the muslim community to tell them they will be by their side…I hope we maintain our dignity and do not add more hatred to the mix…so very very sad..LoVE Bev xx


  5. Just heard it on the news that it has end, Fozziemum. Terrible, I was surprised that something like that happened in Australia. We never hear that kind of news from Down Under. We have to send out more Love into the world…starting now! Pawkisses to all of you ❤ ❤ ❤


  6. Nor is it Canadian or American…it seems all the free countires are being touched by this madness & violent extremism… is frighteneing for sure!
    Prayers for Australia & the families who are grieving.
    Love Sherri-Ellen & Purrince Siddhartha x0x0


  7. What the world learned from this incident: Don’t *#@!! with the Aussies! Though so sorry for the 2 losses, I think it safe to assume anyone would think twice about trying something like that again.

    Extreme Kudos also to your folks for setting up escorts for those who may fear widespread retaliation because of the acts of one person.

    The US can learn a lot from the Australian people.


    • Indeed the loss of two people is so very very upsetting..but thanks to our amazing service people and the bravery of that young man and woman who lost their lives..casualties were kept to a minimum..and straight away the backlash on innocent people when that young girl started the #illridewithyou it went viral..i will always accept all people on personal basis..and I hope the Muslim community feels safer knowing we are ALL there on their side…
      What a world..where such little value is placed on life…


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