A Christmas card

Hi folks…what a crazy time of year.. I have a really big weekend  here with family and so may be AWOL from blogs. I wanted to make sure I let everyone know how much I love your blogs, your friendship and your visits to mine and my crazy fur babies humble blogs . Now I missed getting on the card exchange this year and have endeavoured to send snail mail cards as many as I could..i need to send ecards also. I will be showing all the beautiful cards we have all received here as soon as time ..urgghhhh permits. If I have been unable to get you on my card merry go round I am including a special card here that I would love you to take for yourself. Please bear with me as I am all over the shop as we say. So I will catch up before Christmas ..if you want a snail mail cardie I can still send some..just let me know by email. Loves from us all Fozziemum xxx    

65 thoughts on “A Christmas card

  1. Thank you for the lovely card…what a nice surprise. Just came home from buying a couple of gifts and stocking stuffers and a few gifts for me too…hehehe. That’s it…there are way too many peeps out there in the mall.



    • Yikes! you are so welcome Jean..i got your email and mine is STILL not behaving ..sent you a reply and it didn’t work..grrrrrrr I am about to head out myself..was just asking for support on FB hahaaahaha yuk! I have mail to pick up which will be some photo books I had made with some of my pics..and then the STUPORMARKET..yes stupor hahaaah 🙂
      hugs an loves to you and your mantel looks beautiful and I am so glad you got the snow on your bloggie :)talk soon loves Bev xxx


  2. Fozziemum, thank you for the lovely card!!!! Even though we don’t get to follow every single post, we are thinking of you and of course, wishing you a lovely Christmas !!!! May you be and your furry family be blessed always…Much love to you!!!!


  3. Aaaaaaw Dat’s so cute. Weez got yous cawd today, and it wuz so wunnewful. Weez even put out da envelope, cuz weez juz luv Australia so much, and yous all. Fank yous so very much fur sendin’ it to us. 🙂

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi


    • Hi sweet hearts you are so welcome..my list needs to be done well before xmas next year hahaaha…I do hope love an laughter fills your house over Christmas…much love Fozziemum xxxxx


  4. Hey Bev, if you send me your snail mail, we’ll send you a paper card (it won’t get there before Christmas though-our post office is a bit slow) but we’ll be sending you Colorado hugs for the holidays till it gets there. 🙂

    Hugs, Monika & Sam



  5. That picture makes a fantastic card! We got our card from you today, thanks. There’s one coming in return post.
    Have a happy and peaceful weekend.


  6. We know how wacky it must be in that super busy household of yours BUT we still were thrilled to get your snail mail card the other day……it was gorgeous and we do hope that ALL of you have the very best and merriest Christmas EVER!

    Love and Hugs, Pam and Sam


    • Oh I am so glad you got your cardie 🙂 I am sure we will and I hope you have a fabulous Christmas too..i will try and pop in over the weekend as best I can..already family hace started arriving….yikes!!!!loves Bev xxx


  7. Thanks for the snail mail card:0 and this one. I think she’s rather mystified about the snow:)

    Hope you have a lovely weekend with your family. Sue & Polly


  8. We didn’t do cards this year, but that doesn’t mean Mom and I can’t wish you the very best holiday season ever! Mom’s been so busy herself that I’m lucky to get any time on this ‘puter….


  9. Hi Bev I just wanted to say I just watched a wallaby do something I have never seen before. It jumped into my big dam which is quite full after recent rains, not drinking, but swimming around appearing to be sniffing the surface of the water. It got out and then jumped in again swimming out further where it quickly gets very deep. I was watching from my deck and went down there in case it got in trouble and to try and see whether it is male or female. But it had gone. It definitely appeared to be looking for a scent. I have seen it around recently by itself. I am so hoping it is not a mother. I have not seen any with babies for a little while but it is very green for a little while now, so lots of choice areas. I get really annoyed with people letting dogs and cats roam around here when I am trying to establish a safe sanctuary for them.
    Looks like I’m going to have to pack a back pack and brave the outrageous humidity to see if I can get any idea of what’s going on.


  10. Thank you for the snail mail card! It is a keeper!
    I love your eCard too! You are so talented.
    We wish you a VERY Merry Christmas & your whole “Down Under’ gang…..
    All the best for 2015 also 🙂
    Love you madly forever, Sherri-Ellen & Siddhartha ❤ ❤


  11. Such a lovely card, Bev! We’ll put it in our holiday cards from friends gallery right now. 🙂

    We are so grateful for your friendship, and hope you have a most wonderful Christmas.

    Big hugs!

    Kevin, Tracey, Moosey, Gracie and Zoe


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