WordPress Changes…thankyou now I have a reason to get off the computer and garden

Am I the only person who has had a craw full of waking up to find another ‘update’ has attacked my blog and made life more annoying?

I got on the computer this morning..went to check notifications..the sidebar thingie comes up..all fancy shmancy..and yep..no Archives..so all I can see are comments etc the length on my screen..go to scroll down..disappears…urghhhh

So now I have to go to the unclassic dashboard or CAC Central annoyance centre and check..of course limited in amounts as well..
So if I want to see if anyone has responded to something I have commented on THEIR blogs..do i have to go visit all these blogs again???

I have three blogs…long long day…

I know progression is good but I still believe that you need some sort of ..well useful one!

I am yet to have gotten my head around the seemingly endless roundabout of changes already..this does not make it easier to use..and has clearly not made mobile phone access easier either as on my mobile it is even worse…
Other blog platforms I follow do not seem to complain of these issues as much..note I said as much ..not never.
I have been tossing up about getting a paid WP site but have to be honest the time I spend going around in circles trying to manage the changes here has me less inclined to want to pay for the joy of frustration.

So I have given up..i had to stop all email notifications as my inbox even though emptied regularly had some 10,000 emails in there..deleted twice and still blocking it up..so I cannot rely on that as a means of checking notifications due to the email issues that also have not been rectified by the appropriate people..seems they are mystififed..

I have just about had technology and it’s mandated irritants and irks..
I need a functional prompt accurate and easy to navigate service..i have 11 acres of harsh land to deal with a house and family and not exactly time to throw to the breeze for stuffing around.

I am sick of services updating and outsmarting themselves..much like Windows 8 the greatest dud I know..if it ain’t broke don’t fix it…or at least listen to what people say when they tell you it is rubbish..if you are a new blogger then you have no expectations but some of the older bloggers and the bloggers with more than one site will say they are less than pleased..

So I apologise to those I have not replied to..and to those that disappear from my reader..i am trying really I am.

Your comments are important to me and I do love to visit your blogs..it may just be that you are somewhere in an update..hanging around ..waiting…possibly for another update…who knows, seems we are the last to find out until some nifty looking yet impractical thing pops up…so BEEP BEEP BOOP….

Yes WP you have inspired me to go outside in the fresh air..where the only update is that my tomatoes have started to change colour….

81 thoughts on “WordPress Changes…thankyou now I have a reason to get off the computer and garden

  1. Boy HOWDY can we (who used BLOGGER) Ever relate to your difficulties with Blogging…. and totally agree about the NEW and IMPROVED designation… Really meaning ALL MESSED UP and NOT as GOOD as it USED to by..
    SQUIRRELS…. WordPress and Blogger are BOTH run by SQUIRRELS…

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  2. I had very little expectations because I’ve been on for about 7 or 8 months. The first time I posted, I got so upset….I didn’t get back on for about 4 months. I often thought it would be nice to see what people post in reply but my blog didn’t do this. It wasn’t until 2 weeks ago the blog let me know I had replies. That was great for 2 days and now its gone again.

    Wow, tomatoes turning colour…excellent.



  3. Ages ago the ‘Comedy Company’ show (remember that one?) had a weekly segment of Bastards Incorporated where salesmen would introduce their latest product or improved product. Everything designed to cause irritation,problems or price increase. Sounds like BI has been at work on your computer. They regularly attack ours and products we like to buy……
    Good luck.

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  4. OMD, I so understand your pain Fozziemum!!! I think it’s worse with the tech, cause I’m sort-of a ditz, and don’t know how to fix the glitches when they come up, and that ticks me off more than you know! I’m the kind of person that won’t sleep til she can think of a plan to correct the problem, and well, Blogger and WP can just suck rotten eggs!! I don’t understand why they don’t Beta test these ‘updates’ before subjecting US to them!! Anyhu, I hopes your weekend is better…let’s relax with a pitcher of margaritas!!!! ☺
    Ruby β™₯

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    • Here’s to a drinkie poo indeed Ruby..today it is drivin me nuts! would be easier to write a dang letter ..and quicker bwahahaha πŸ™‚ Off to snoopervise Fozziedad…he is cutting a hole in the back door to put the doggy door in…woo hooz…:) loves Fozziemum xxx < 3


  5. I don’t blame you for feeling annoyed Bev, but I know everyone who does blog and who knows about the changes, will understand if you don’t reply to them. At least WordPress could have put the ‘View All’ button back and also put the Notifications back on the Admin Bar as well. Even when you do go to the Reader and click on ‘Comments I made’, I also only see ones I made 17 hours ago. If that is their way of getting us to start paying for a theme, it won’t work with me. πŸ˜›

    I also hate changes like this. You just get used to one layout and the next minute … ‘Boom!’ and everything feels disorganized and then it takes time that you could have used on something worthwhile, but now you first have to go and try and figure out how their new layout works! The best of all is that they don’t even ask any of us if we would like it and get our opinions. Just like our government, and then they expect us to keep our mouths shut and just accept what they give us. Complaining about it doesn’t help either, because they just ignore you.

    Oh well, I shouldn’t start either. πŸ˜† Let’s make the best of it and don’t worry about anything. I would love to see what the tomatoes look like. πŸ˜€

    Have a grand day sweetness. πŸ˜€
    β™₯ Big Hugs and Lots of Love β™₯

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    • I just had to go out of this back to my blog post and reply as the miment I scrolled down..boom you disappeared..i won’t pay for anything if this is how it is going to be.They say why do you want to see classic stats..well it’s easier..vote..why? it will not change..so over this it is making everything super time consuming..urghh back to my tomatoes..i KNOW how they work haahhah πŸ™‚ have a super day darlin..loves Bev xxx ❀ < 3

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      • Yep, that happens to me a lot as well, but I am sure they’re in the process of fixing their ‘beta’ changes – let’s hope so. πŸ˜†

        Enjoy hon and yes, at least you can get pleasure from them. πŸ˜€

        Thanks hon, and you too. β™₯ Big Hugs β™₯


    • Hi Sue Polly and Honey..i do not blame you! this is so hard..i will have a lovely weekend away from the computer I think πŸ™‚ and I have some more stamps to send you soon πŸ™‚ have a great weekend..loves Bev xx


  6. Maybe it’s just me, but I have no problems with WP…..I rarely have used the Reader even though I suppose it makes visiting LOTS of blogs easier …… I don’t know how you can keep up with THREE blogs either (!!!!!) but you do a great job of it and they’re all fun and interesting. I don’t use the “new” technology they offer for writing our blogs – I prefer the classic way…..but I did notice the new comment column on the far right this morning – much expanded. I hope you don’t leave WP though – BlogSpot is so laborsome to visit because of all the “authentication” hoops those of us who are NOT Blogspotters have to go through to leave a comment. I suppose it’s a safety thing but it’s tiresome!!!! Anyway, it’s all about how much time we have to spend in the whole blogging experience – – – I prefer the least amount of time possible but try to visit as many as I can every day. Tough though when you want to follow everyone!!!! I’ve had to pare my list down a couple of times because it’s just too much!

    Sending hugs, Pam


    • I agree Pam..i prefer WP for the way my pics look and the themes and style..the main bug bear it seems is trying to get around it atm..might be me but way to confusing..i can see the new comments on the side but if I scroll..it disappears so then I navigate back to my actual blog..urghhh…I know the hopps on some other formats is carzy..robots captchas an email stuff…way to consuming of precious time..i do it for those blogs I love to follow but don’t think I could have one myself. I don’t use the new posting format..or use the new stats page not that I often look anyway..stats are not that important to me as I just appreciate any visits and comments πŸ™‚ I have also had to pare down..it isn’t easy but the core faves are always there..always as they are family πŸ™‚ I will stick with WP but hope they sort the bumps out urghhh..:) loves Bev xx


  7. I’m with you… why they have to mess up all things? there is no reason to change the comment section, that’s just awful to read comments now! and I swear the world will see a laptop flying through a closed window when they bother me again with that darned BEEP BEEP BOOP! … and if you have some rotten tomatoes too, please throw them on the WP-gremlin :o(

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  8. So sorry you’re having, dare I say…challenges with WP. Either I’m just so woefully uninitiated in the subtleties of blogging (probably) or so ignorant I don’t know better (highly likely) I don’t seem to encounter too many problems (I guess ignorance IS bliss). That said, I’m not too keen on the new Dashboard and the stats page sends me into orbit (did you hear that WP–if its not broke why ‘fix it’???). All I can do is send hugs and sympathies, Bev and hope your problems get sorted out. ❀ ❀ ❀ from me and Sam.

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  9. I *SO* agree my friend. I think the new ‘format’ SUCKS. That’s right. This piggy said it – it SUCKS. I know I’m not getting all of my post replies…. or perhaps hits for that matter. Thank goodness I have my cell phone that seems to be somewhat better but not all of the way. WORDPRESS I HOPE YOU ARE LISTENING – It SUCKS. There, I said it again – double snorts, rolls with laughter now I’m off to get a snack and perhaps a nap. XOXO – Bacon

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  10. We had to block our emails too, Fozziemum and now they did changes on WP again with that reply thingie. We can’t manage it anymore, but we have learned to just let it go. The best is get yourself some quality time in the garden, enjoy and get to your tomatoes… πŸ˜€ Pawkisses for a Relaxed weekend πŸ™‚ ❀

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  11. I see they have made changes but I have so little computer time now that I have not had time to check it all out. I do pay and I hope they have not got it where I can’t find my way around now….I am too old for more drastic changes in my life right now. Hugs


  12. You tell ’em Miss Bev. MOL Weez complained after da last update dat made ow writin’ a posty almost impawssible. And they say it’s better. We weverted back to da old ways and then stawted usin’ da windows live writer so we didn’t even hav to worry wiff wordpress till it came to da wespondin’ to comments. And then we got da same fing you did. Altho’ it dusn’t seem to be consistant. Cuz we answered all we kuld see, and then mommy put da puter to sleep so we kuld hav a little us time, and when we came back there wuz da notifictions just like always. Rween all da updates here purrovin’ weez not a wobot fur blogger, it’s no wunnew mommy has a migwaine. MOL

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

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  13. Ah yes! Software developers who change things because it is “cooler” or “works better” than the old way. Having been involved in software development as a tech writer and usability expert – for more than 30 years. I have been dealing with the young guys that do that for half my life. But, they do have to justify their reasons for getting paid. Quite frankly I hate some of the changes and I have documented the changes and why and how they have made things more difficult from a usability standpoint and sent that off to them. I doubt it will help much, but it sure made me feel better! You should send them a copy of your post!
    Nellie’s Mommy


    • I may just do that Barb…what a pointless exercise to change something until it becomes alien..i have been on here less due to this..it drives me batty and I feel for even less tech savvy folk than me..and I am no computer wiz believe me…urghhhh Bev xxx


  14. Oh bev I can hear the frustration from here! I have noticed I get double comments in my email for wP. Now that makes things a bit of a pain but for the msot part all is well on WP here. That being said I am running Windows Vista Home program so maybe I am not suffering the updates you are?
    I know when I was on my 2 friends PC’s they have Google & the WP blog site looked different. I had no trouble navigating it either. I hope things get sorted out for you & other frustrated bloggers.
    The good thing is you were outside! Might as well right????
    Oh & we officially were back online Friday nite I had to get a cooling fan before I attempted any serious work on the laptop. The double cooling fan works a treat & I can run PC for hours. Good thing too. I am miles behind in blogs. I decided to just start fresh today. Hope we can connect…have missed you madly…
    Love you madly, Sherri-Ellen x0x0x0x0

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  15. Crikey …. you sure gave it to ’em, aye?? I’ve got no complaints but then my Secretary has no idea what she’s doing so when things go wrong she just thinks it’s her fault and it probably is. More time in the garden is good, aye??

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  16. I HEAR YOU SISTER LOUD AND CLEAR!!!!!!! Thought I was going to SCREAM for the exact same reason!!!! Bad enough that work is flipping crazy, I come home and try to do a bit of blog catching up and run into the same B.S.!!! GRRRRR! Luvs ya and glad it isn’t just me!!!
    Marty’s Mom

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  17. Whew that is a relief! I know FB frustrates me all the time. So I have learned to ignore alot of changges there & here. LOL..
    Love you like Black Forest Cake with 2 cherries on the slice πŸ™‚


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