a visit to the magic aussie bush.

A lovely post from Sharon about her visit to our home on the weekend..super glad she took pics..i totally forgot!! 🙂


an Australian afternoon tea

I had a grand adventure on the weekend which involved a trip to Barker’s Creek, home of fellow blogger, Bev and her lovely husband Phil. Bev (aka fozziemum) blogs about life in rural Australia and the adventures of their many and varied critters. This visit, although very social (check out the sumptuous morning tea all hand-made by Bev) had a secret reason attached to it. Bev and Phil had something for me which of course involved yarn but wasn’t yarn. Although they gave me 3 bags of wool too.  Confused? What do you think it was? Well I will keep my special secret to myself for a bit longer and tell next time. Meanwhile enjoy the photographs of a truly remarkable place.

Kitty day spa, place specially for the kitties.                                                       …

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44 thoughts on “a visit to the magic aussie bush.

  1. Bev….mom says she is willing to ride a plane for 24 hours to taste your lovely baked goods. WooHOO
    Thank you for your kind healing words I am feeling much better
    Hugs madi your bff

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  2. Sharon did a really nice blog post! We enjoyed reading all about her visit with you (so awesome to meet blogging pals in real life, isn’t it?). That picture of Forrest, by the way, made we so happy. 🙂

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