For those that need it today


 Dedicated to all my precious pets who dance with the angels….may you find some comfort in these words

Will you be my angel and place me in your heart

Will you always love me until the day we part

Will you be my angel and handle me with care

Will you keep me close and promise to be there

Will you be my angel and shelter me from harm

Will you offer comfort within  your loving arms

Will you be my angel and snuggle close at night

Will you reassure me if I should get a fright

Will you be my angel and spend your life with me

Will you be my angel when I need to be set free

Will I  now be your angel I hear within your heart

I will always be your angel I have been from the start



53 thoughts on “For those that need it today

  1. Very sweet Bev……and you put into words what we all feel in our hearts when we lose “one of ours” or when we know a friend is grieving at the same loss. The photo is perfect. Just perfect. I’m sending special hugs to Easy and Raz today but so many have left us – too many.

    Love, Pam

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    • Thankyou Pam ..i agree i saw about Cubby this morning, then Goose..and i see the pain and we all know that hurt,.whether we know the pet or not..we know the is real and deep and i send my love to all..too many indeed…Love Bev xxx


  2. That’s beautiful! The greatest compliment I can offer is that not only did I have to reach for the Kleenex box, but I also sent it to my daughter who cannot resist emotional writings. I would like to show it to a few other people however, I would like to know who I should credit it to …………. Bev? Fozziemum? Perhaps your given names? Thx again.

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  3. I don’t know if you are familiar with this musician, but he wrote one of the most moving songs I ever heard called “The Other Side”. It can bring one to tears, but also give hope, and most of all, peace.

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  4. I kept seeing the date an could not figure out why I was being taken to an old post. DUH !
    Every time they are called home they take part of our hearts with them. Lovely.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

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    • It can be confusing Sweet William and i am glad you worked it out 🙂 indeed a part always goes but a huge part stays..the love of a good friend always does..Loves Fozziemum xxx


  5. Crikey Bev …. is there anything you can’t do?? Mum thinks you’re a genius or something. I think you’re just a very nice lady who cares A LOT!!!!!!!!! Those are very beautiful words and very much needed right now, aye?? How’s your hubby?? Is he feeling a little better??

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    • Awww Charlie genius here 🙂 and yes i care..i hate to see people hurt…Fozziedad is good thanks and back out and doing what has to be done..trees on cars but no peeps or pets hurt….loves Fozziemum xxxxx


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