Shopping around the world..with a late rush

Hi guys i can’t believe i missed my own shopping trip…don’t ask and i won’t tell..

But here i am to join Bacon as we wheel the carts through the quagmire of the shopping centres..

This week we had the five ingredient salad considering it is cool here and almost winter i am not really doing many salads..which i should because i have stacked a little weight on..

However apart from my families fave potato salad my next fave is this Watermelon and Feta Salad.

Quick..tasty and super cheap with some pantry staples..

7508229 watermelon


For a couple i use about 400 grams so that costs at the moment  .79cents

Slice or cube whichever you prefer


Australian Feta i use about 200 grams so that costs about $3.00

Slice in thin slices or cube..again your choice

4218459 onions Red Onion i use half an onion which works out at 40 cents

Slice thinly not dice..

You can either layer the watermelon feta and onion or toss the whole lot together..again which ever you prefer..

7113978Balsamic Vinegar..this costs a bit but is a keeper  i use about 50ml in this recipe so that costs 75 cents

Mix this with the same amount of olive oil..


This is my fave brand and the amount i used cost about 55 cents..

When the oil and vinegar are mixed pour over the salad…you can have more or less dressing as you please..a few twists of freshly ground black pepper (no salt the feta is salty enough) and maybe garnish with mint or even black olives



And there you have my five ingredient salad..late but still tasty!

So for $5.49 Aus a tasty and fresh does not keep well so a real eat and enjoy now recipe.

Thanks again for joining us for the shopping this month..i shall pop over and see what you all have in your carts this week as soon as i get back from the shops!!!! urghhh…


38 thoughts on “Shopping around the world..with a late rush

  1. that’s interesting to use watermelons and onions, I will try it… butt we have to wait a little, currently the watermelons are super expensive here. and the worst is, that they look pale and taste like water… someone forgot to add the melons to the water lol

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  2. Late or not, Fozziemum, we wouldn’t want to miss this excellent and for sure delicious salad, with some of Granny’s favorite ingredients. We have to try the watermelon in it to make it a real fiesta 🙂 Pawkisses for a Happy Day 🙂 ❤

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  3. That looks incredibly delicious AND refreshing! I love watermelon but never thought of mixing it up with other things for a salad…..thanks for the idea Bev! I already have watermelon in the refrig – I’ll get the other ingredients today and voila – DINNER!

    Hugs, Pam

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      • Thankyou Pix..i took this pic overlooking the Coral Sea on the way back from the Daintree…easy to want to pitch a tent and stay! for the Tater sald..well i don’t use the spuds i grew..just sayin,..they were too young to leave their mother 🙂 i parboil some good spuds cut into nice chunks..with some vinegar in the water..this stops them fraying..then drain them while still hot…i usually leave them in the pit to stay another bowl i mix good whole egg mayo..sour cream dijon mustard salt freshly ground pepper,chopped dill,chopped parley,chopped chives,cooled and diced cooked bacon,cooled and quartered hard boiled eggs,a whole heap of chopped spring onions ..the long thin ones i think you call them green onions..keep tasting as you go in case you need a bit more flavour..then add the potatoes..because they are still quite warm they soak up that flavour really well! then in the fridge to chill down..leave them uncovered or it sweats..much like me 🙂 and there you have my version of a really healthy low fat spud salad bwahhaha 🙂 xx

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        • Well thank you, Bev! I wasn’t expecting you to do it that fast. That is pretty much how I make mine for the last 41 years but you have some great variations and I am going to give it a try for our family gettin’ together this weekend! Thank YOU!

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          • You are so welcome sweets..i think the best trick is the the heat and how the spud draws that flavour in..mmmmm drooling now hahaa 🙂 let me know how it goes 🙂 xxxx


  4. My Lee makes this watermelon salad sometimes we put English cucumber dices and a little bit of cilantro with pepper in the mix. We also like putting a honeydew in the mix for a great colorful salad. Yep I eat the same thing here.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot


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