Getting to that shot

Hi guys having a cool day again here and thought i would take the opportunity to maybe share how i get to ‘that’ shot..the one you love, the one i love.

Now it’s not Β the actual process that i want to talk’s about preparation.

The things i love tend to be out..out there..where all sorts of things can happen, so i thought i would share a shot and discuss the way i get to it.

Kyneton storm skies

Kyneton storm skies

** This image was taken after finding a safe place to pull over in a bus stop after hours..the bus shelter helped protect my gear from the rain that had started..the wind chill was brutal.My hands were completely numb and i could not bend them by the time i got back in the car.My battery died pretty quickly and a change over took awhile as my fingers would not work..a polar blast headed our way and the storms were coming, so i had to get what i wanted quickly then a drive home in the dark on watch out for roos.


First off i need my gear..when packed my Lowenpro weighs just shy of 8 kilos.

This is because i can never leave a lens at home..if i plan to do just macro shots..that will be the day the Wedge-tail Eagle decides to land by the roadside and grab a snack!

So i have all my lenses ..of course i have cleaning cloths ,blowers, spare charged camera batteries, a shutter release with spare batteries also.

Spare SD cards..go without saying.

My Tripod is just shy of 3 kilos so along it comes as well.

So these things are packed in the car. A challenge to carry this gear as in total i am adding nearly 11 kilos to can make your footing less sure so caution at all times..i have a walking stick which can be super handy for extra stability!

Now..what i do also want to say is that i am aware of the places i go being somewhat my mobile phone is on me at all times and fully charged also.

I never post selfies or pictures of where i am to social media UNTIL I AM HOME.

Sadly the world we live in has made our whereabouts up for the only person who knows where i am at any time is family.

My car has GPS and i also travel with maps.

I have an emergency beacon in my backpack too..sounds dramatic but if i fell or was lost i have this with me. I have a torch also.

I have spare socks in the car and jackets as often i am getting wet or dirty and being cold is no fun!

I always check places out well before getting out of the car,common sense dictates a lonely park with a group of drunks is no place to be..

I always have snacks..trail mix stuff chocolates fave choc coated coffee can be out a long time and these keep you full of pep.

Water..always water in the car and lip balm..wind and cold can wreak havoc on the skin.

Car filled with can cruise around a long time looking for something and often small towns may not have petrol.

I try and keep myself aware of my can get lost in the moment and before you realise it dark is approaching..of course you realise because the light you have chased all day changes!

Now this is important because if you have found yourself in the middle of nowhere you can get easily disoriented! If ever you get lost..stay put!

I love being out by myself but there are places that being with a friend ,or your poor long suffering hubby, is the wisest choice.

I cannot tell you the amount of times i have twisted ankles and slipped over ..i also have found once that a pan with the camera on the tripod had me feel like i was going to fall backwards! came over all vertigo because of the angle of the ground i was on..gave me a real fright..not the best place to fall!

If i see a great scene i make sure i can stop the car safely..if i can’t i see where i can pull over and if all else fails i go back with hubby and jump out while he drives around..

I always respect the area i am in. I do not take anything other than pictures.

I am also aware of wildlife..they have far better senses than me and can often appear while i am blissfully unaware..with snakes and roos this can be problematic.

The rule is stand not move and they will move on..

I also am aware that my gear may be appealing to those that feel they may like to grab it..i have one thing to say on this..take it..

Nothing is more important than your safety..nothing.

For clothes it depends on the time of the moment this is many layers..all loose as tight clothes when you sweat make you cold.

Beanies and i have a balaclava..gloves with fingers and a pair without..these i wear to keep extra warm but having only one pair with fingers i can still use my gear settings without too much trouble. Scarves also and double socks and boots..yes i look like the Michelin Man on steroids ready to rob a bank..but nothing spoils a day out shooting more than feeling cold and miserable!

In the cold i keep spare batteries for my camera in my pocket to stay warm as they die quickly in the cold..i acclimatise my gear in the car with the door open awhile also..and lenses can get mucky with condensation so i do not put the caps on until they are clean and dry.

If i want to capture wildlife i have my mobile phone on vibrate and silent..nothing is more annoying than forgetting and someone rings and they all take off!

I have plastic bags etc to keep thing covered in an backpack has it’s own waterproof cover which is great.

I have also in my boot a blanket..and a box of things..yes things…i have over sized light globes glow sticks and all sorts of weird goodies as they can be used as props in the bush.

I have a pen and paper and tissues and a small led push light.

So armed with all this i feel i am prepared to hit the seems like a lot of stuff and maybe sounds over the top but i like to be prepared .

The most important thing for me is to not get lost in the photography..sounds odd but by this i mean i need to take time while i do what i do to actually absorb where i in the moment and really feel the area or situation i am experiencing..i have seen many photos and sometimes i feel a disconnect between the photographer and the scene..almost as if the technical aspects and the ‘look’ have been captured at the cost of the emotion.

So this is how i get to that shot..i know i have not covered everything and i want to reiterate the safety first aspect..not just for women photographers but all photographers..we all find ourselves drawn to those places of isolation..and also sadly so many people have died while taking ‘selfies’ that it is quite scary.

I hope when you see the photographs i take that you feel that connection that i do..this has always been my main aim..while i still struggle technically and have a long way to go i always try and share that sense of time with you.

Have a super weekend everyone and hope you all find that time with nature to connect this week.



37 thoughts on “Getting to that shot

    • Thanks Rachel..the only reason i have time is because it’s what i do πŸ™‚ what started as a hobby has become an intention to keep getting better and maybe one day make a little money to buy new lenses ..this has become an all consuming passion..oh my ..;) xx Bev

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  1. I’m glad you found a safe place to take a photo of the storm, that slr cams can zap you one when they get wet, I made that shocking experience while geocaching in the pouring rain :o( Seems you are well prepared, I always have some equipment on board too, we never know what will happen :o) I never take silly selfies like the idiots who jump from bridges or take a photo in front of an onrushing train I sometimes can’t believe that a humanoid brain can hatch such scary ideas :o(

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    • I agree i have seen some crazy things people do to get shots..i do take some risks..i climb trees and jump fences..crawl on the ground and sneak around the property at night..i always try and at least be very mindful of my place in the space πŸ™‚ of course the best shots often come unexpected and sometimes with relative ease πŸ™‚ xxx


    • Pam trust me some shots i have seen that amaze me are point and shoot or just plain luck πŸ™‚ i can still do all this and get rained out or come home and dump 300 odd pictures…no harder i imagine than fact i would say easier πŸ™‚ loves Bev xcx


  2. No wonder your pictures are so good. You really do go to a lot of trouble but it is fun, I know. At least
    part of it is fun. Just seeing the pictures you get much be very rewarding. Have a great day.

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    • Thankyou Marg…it is fun but requires a bit of planning and stamina…which some days i sure do not have πŸ™‚ but if i get one good shot i am happy…and out in nature…well spoilt really πŸ™‚ xx


  3. Great post. You have shown that art is not easy. There is a lot of behind the scenes work involved. But a true artist makes it look easy. This is a fabulous picture. But the thing I liked most was you “take a moment to smell the roses” paragraph. I often just put the camera down and stand still, absorbing what is around me on all sensorial levels, not just visually. This part gets lost when looking through a viewfinder.

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    • Absolutely! I have to enjoy ..we lose a lot when we look through the lens…i like to breathe it in..and the thing that makes my heart skip a little beat is then what i focus on …unless it moves πŸ™‚ then i have to really work..but funny..i hold my breath while i day i may pass out πŸ™‚ x


    • Ellen tbankyou for the compliment πŸ™‚ i am self taught..i was given my camera as a 50th birthday present from my family 4 years ago and have just learnt from bits on the net and tips from friends πŸ™‚


  4. Bev….in this day and age; he who is not prepared is either nuts, over confident or not really in tune with the times……when my grand parents were still living I made the two hour journey to their house more times than I can truly count; regardless of the season, the car was packed as if I
    was in “emergency zone”…..I dont leave the house to go to work now without a snow shovel in winter and I’m 10 minutes away…..

    this photo is beyond amazing; the colors alone are astounding and the center cloud makes it seem as if one is actually IN the field of grass…….bravo my friend on another great capture !! β™₯β™₯β™₯

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    • Laura thankyou..that cloud was touching the ground! the weather was crazy and great! but cold…i was in a lot of pain..forgot my gloves left them in the car and due to that storm approaching i just kept shooting..should have seen me run from the shelter back and forth in and out..must have looked like a duck at a sideshow game…but you are right have to be prepared..better that than in a world of hurt πŸ™‚ and the colours have been worked a bit to show the depth but a pretty scene indeed..worthe the frozen digits πŸ™‚ ❀ ❀


  5. Fab tutorial on how to shoot out in the wilds!! you are uber prepared Sis & I admire that!!!
    We wouldn’t want anything to happen to you while out looking for the perfect photo.
    That storm photo is gorgeous….
    Also it is good you share what the weather is like & how cold it gets there. Most people think Aussie land is warm all/most of the time.
    (((hugs))) an respect Sherri-Ellen

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    • Sherri-Ellen thankyou πŸ™‚ yes i am a girlscout πŸ™‚ and indeed i think many folk think our winters are still warm..when this year in particular it is the coldest in 20 years…brrrrrrr πŸ™‚ loves Bev xx

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      • LOL @ Girl Scout! Alwayss be prepared right Sis?
        It is true a lot of us Northern hemisphere folk do not realize how cold the Southern parts of the world get.
        I am sorry it has been so cold (for you) there; for us that would be a ‘warm’ Winter…
        I should have sent you mittens! πŸ˜‰
        (((hugs))) S-E.


  6. You are certainly a serious photographer and must be respected as such. There is no comparison between mom and you. Your pics are well thought out and painstakingly taken. Mom is more…”No…get over there…now let’s see those whiskers shine!” type of picture taker.

    We all love your pictures and they are a highlight of our days. Keep them coming my friend.



  7. Great advice. I find I cannot pass a camera shop without getting something…anything. Lately though I’ve been carrying a very tiny point & shoot camera which has great low-light capabilities when I can’t bear the thought of lugging around all the equipment I’ve collected over the years. Because it’s wireless too I can download files anywhere in the world without having to get an act of Congress to approve it from my big DSLR which is a few years old and not wireless. Oh the things we’ll do to ‘get that shot.’ ❀

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    • Haahha it becomes a nightmare ..less is more..but no it isn’t i scream πŸ™‚ no wonder my back is screwed up πŸ™‚ modern technology has made our lives the most time consuming and complicated way πŸ™‚ ..but that shot..worth it πŸ™‚ xx

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