Every photograph is history

Hi guys..you know every time you take a photograph you are making history..that time, scene, place will never be exactly the same again.

The sun, clouds, trees swaying in the breeze all make for a one off event ..a time that will never be again..when you look at your photographs you are looking back in time..amazing..

So as i drove up our street as i have done for coming on 4 years in a few weeks i was all of a sudden aware of something.

It made me feel a little sad..but it also is a sign of new things coming.

You may remember this image i posted.



This lonely scrubby tree..it sits on top of the hill on the right side of our street.The acreage is bare and there it is..every day as i drive home..i look to the right, there it is..i always joke it is like the Β singing bush from The Three Amigos movie..it sways and bends .tough little thing..

It has had some amazing clouds form behind it and provide me with ooh ahh moments..sunsets and storms have raged and there it stood.

Well yesterday as i drove out i looked up and gone…it has gone..the people who have bought this bottom acreage have maybe pulled it out..or it has finally died.

The hill looks lonely now…it has no character ..the backdrop is not as dramatic without this tree as it’s foil..

I was set to wondering why i had not taken more pictures..so many different backdrops..but i didn’t..so my little singing bush is no more, it is now history.

I felt the same sadness when the other new neighbours across from us sold their windmill.it had been a lovely sight to watch from my verandah..telling Β me when the wind gusts were coming…a bright bit of color on a drab day…but it to has gone now, it is history.



I know that these are not amazing world changing events..but they do make me stop and think about those things that are here today and gone tomorrow.

Maybe the whole quest of the photographer is to find that history..whether it be a big important event or even a small time never to happen again.

Maybe my desire as a child to be an archaeologist or travel to space as an astronaut is now being let loose in a quest for daily history..places, people, animals that appear and maybe never are seen the same way again..

I wonder what history you saw today..that maybe nobody else did.. i bet if you think about it you may surprise yourself at the uniqueness of your everyday life.


A single drop seen by only me..makes it no less beautiful or important than if the world stood in wonder.

A single drop seen by only me..makes it no less beautiful or important than if the world stood in wonder. Bev Green

58 thoughts on “Every photograph is history

  1. I’m with you, it’s “just” a tree… but we always miss a thing when we see this place… and you caught that moment with your cam, as the tree was still there, so you know how that places looked once… and yes, that’s making history via nikon or canon :o)

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  2. I think you have a better eye for capturing uniqueness and one-of-a-kind events than Mom. She just deleted 18 identical pictures of me taking 18 identical street naps on different days from her phone. And she left another 18, in case she needs them. Cute, but not unique!

    Love and licks,

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  3. Funny, but I often think that when I’m walking through the woods and finding bugs or interesting leaves or moss that THAT MOMENT is mine……while I don’t capture it with a camera, I capture it with my eyes and will “recall” it – like looking through a photo album – from time to time………..We each have our own unique way of moving through and saving moments in our lives. I think your capturing of things that make you happy on film is wonderful AND allows you to leave a VISUAL mark on the world in your own most special way.

    Hugs, Pam

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    • Thankyou Pam….i love that we can have that gift to recall from sight or smell a time long gone…the mind is amazing ..and we are lucky to enjoy those memories ..whether we see them in print or smell them or hear them πŸ™‚ …Hugs Bev xxxx


  4. That’s what I love about photography. We can capture all those moments that fade so quickly. But it is sad when you don’t see the same scenery that you loved to see. It’s a real pity that things can’t ever stay the same. I know I hate that as well. Here you took in the beauty of what you saw in front of you and I am glad you could have shared it with us. Stunning captures sweetness. πŸ˜€


      • On the road to Adelaide there is a small place called “Lochiel” and it has a pub – or rather, it HAD a pub. About seven months ago the pub burned down. An electrical fault they say. So, 150 years of history of that area gone. Like you and the singing bush, I passed that pub ( was even in it once) on the way down to Adelaide and on the way back. It’s just a fenced off blackened shell and I find myself wishing I had taken more photographs or stopped more often during the trips. Now it’s too late.

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  5. Sad about the scrubby little tree. I am a tree hugger. We have a huge Oak that has been dying for the 10 years we have been living here and this Fall it is going to have to come down. I have tons of pictures of it. I will probably cry… I think I won’t be home that day. Pictures are wonderful to keep our memories alive.

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    • I feel for you Pix…we have a gum..dead as a dodo…but the birds still hang out there and really it poses no threat..hubby says it needs to come down..but i say let it decide…it looks so lovely on a moonlit night as the moon shines through its spindly canopy….urghhhh 😦 xxxx

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    • Well i usually do that too…but lately they are all too busy curled up face hidden keeping warm πŸ˜‰ thankyou sweetie..remember you are important history in the making too! Loves Fozziemum xxx

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  6. This is so very true my friend. What once was there can be gone in the blink of an eye. Your amazing pictures mark that history. What a lovely thought that is. I must go make some history now. You see mom cleaned my room this morning. I can’t find anything. I sure hope she took a picture because this history is not going to last long. Snorts with piggy laughter. XOXO – Bacon

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    • Madi …never hahahaahaah thank Mum i will m miss my little tree and blew a raspberry at the hill today..came home despondent and nearly turned to the Mac for comfort..i didn’t..i rode it out πŸ˜‰ loves Fozziemum xxx


  7. So sorry your little tree is absent now but so very glad you were able to capture it’s amazing presence when it was still around. Kudos to you. For the record, I LOVE that photo and am always intrigued by prairie lands. Sure mountains are majestic but grasslands hold a special place in my heart-they are constantly changing. ❀

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    • Thankyou so much sweets…i will miss the little tree..dang! i love the mountains too and like you am a little in love with grasslands..flat grasslands here are a bit hard to find..but further north there are plenty..i have a little trip planned for in a few months time and am taking my little sister with me…the place i am going should have some lovely spots like that πŸ™‚ xx

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    • Laura thankyou..i miss my little tree..i blew a raspberry at the hill today….so mature;) ❀ ❀ pee ess i will watch the vid you sent me tomorrow..a bit of stuff to do here…ughh xx


  8. We would have called that a Fairy Tree here – and it is terrible bad luck to cut one down!

    And I know how you feel, so much. I drove past a magnificent old tree in a field every day, twice a day – always said to myself that I needed a picture of it. Well, one day this spring nothing was left but a big stump and the marks of a tractor around it. I nearly cried.

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    • I totally get that..for all i know it was rotten and the roos knocked it down..but they are working on the land there..planting trees etc preparing to build a home..hubby knew i was really sad..i told him the singing bush had gone and he knew..i always bang on about it..i feel a very strong affinity with trees..i like to touch them and hug them literally…it’s that grounding with the world..i never grew up…

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  9. What a thought provoking blog Bev. As each tree was taken down here I felt a bit of history disappearing! The changes to the building also surprised me. It will never have those rusty brown siding panels & without the trees it looks so barren; quite like your hill…
    And I can relate to the loss of the windmill>wen I first moved in her Mrs Clow my neighbor had a beautiful garden with a lighthouse &a windmill. They were both about 3 feet tall & so lovely to look at. When she had to be rehomed (Dementia) her family stripped everything….I wanted the lighthouse but of course not being family I was not even considered…
    The neighbor who is there does nothing to make the space nicer & without the Pine tree it is a wasteland of scrubby grass…..I wish I had taken photos of the lawn when Mrs . Clow was here now…
    Thanks for a great blog!
    {{{Hugs}}} your Canadian Sister, Sherri-Ellen πŸ™‚

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    • Sherri-Elllen..how sad..it really throws you when something so simple yet comforting is gone..i remember when that windmill went..i watched as they dismantled it..i was mesmorised as the landscape changed gradually before my eyes..i was so used to watching the roos near it and judging how far away they were by the size comparison..i would love to have bought it but i am sure it went for a huge amount of money..and besides it was their history not mine so would have lost the sentimental value..thankyou for the lovely compliment my Sis Bev xxxx

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      • I KNOW you know how ‘thrown’ I was by things last year. I despise when Nature is destroyed or no reason. I miss the windmill as much as Mrs Clow…she had Dementia & would come into my place & then realize she was not home. I would take her back to her apartment & we would chat about her photos & the family & eat biscuits…she was such a lovely woman….

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  10. That is so true and something we don’t always think about. Things are always changing, that is the way of life, but it can still be sad. When we first built our house here there were no other houses on the land below us. We used to walk down there with our dogs all the time, through the woods and over a brook and there were views of the mountains. It was a nice loop. But eventually the lots down there sold, and houses started to go up and our loop got closed off. We can still walk down one way, but it is just not quite the same. I wish I had taken photos of our walks down there now….but it really didn’t seem so special at the time, if you know what I mean. There was a huge dirt pit where there is now a Christmas tree farm, and comparison photos would be so interesting!
    Your tree on the hill had such character! It is sad that it is gone, and the hill must be lonely without it. πŸ™‚

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    • Jan we often do not really think about it..i mean i am much more aware since becoming serious about my photography..and i like to think that what i see is special enough to share..not for the wow what a great shot (which is very humbling) but more like i was with you and you were next to me and we both were saying wow together..so i find these things more and more..and as i do i notice the changes…the hill looks a tad morose now..but i am sure it will have a new outlook that i will find to smile at…i hope ..i can imagine how the change for you is very different.and sometimes it sneaks up too! πŸ™‚ xxx


  11. That’s really deep, Bev. Sorry to hear about your little tree. It’s sad that things will never be the same, but just think — there’s some new history for us to capture every day. πŸ™‚

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