26 thoughts on “When the laughs stop

    • I know Easy..i thought it cannot be a year..and look at all that has happened in that time..so much and he has missed it all because the demons in his head took that away from him..very very sad…xxx


    • Simba it would most surely have been..watching you can see the mania..and sadly they are at their most productive at that time..which is why so many refuse drugs..who wants to be flat and level when they can soar..i am sorry you have had this in your family too..it’s a mongrel of a thing..would not wish it in any family…xxx


  1. It really feels like yesterday, doesn’t it? I knew him for the great actor he was and I’ve watched all his movies. It was a great loss indeed.

    Depression can be horrible indeed and I think in the world we live in now, with the economy that’s so bad, a lot of people that never thought they could be depressed, know what it can do. I am sorry that you had to go through things like that as well Bev. I don’t wish a life like that to anyone.

    Lots of Hugs to you and the furry kids. ♥

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    • Thankyou sweets..yes it was an awful thing and so public ..the world has lots to make people feel down and sadly it seems to take a high toll on many..all we can do is reach out..it can be super well hidden by some though.Yes it was not my idea of a great childhood but it has made me who i am..and i hope it has made me a little more understanding..lots of hugs back to you and your sweet ones too 🙂 Bev xxx ❤

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      • Yes, he was well-known after all. Unfortunately when something like this happens to any ordinary person like your or me, no one except our close family and friends will know about it.

        That’s true indeed. When you live with depression you don’t want to make everyone else around you depressed. I know I don’t. You keep up the smiles and do the best you can.

        I don’t think most of us that had problem like that, didn’t think it was our idea of a perfect childhood. I sometimes wonder if we chose our parents or if they chose us? 😀

        That’s true. It made us stronger in some ways. Some days it feels like that and other days not. As John Denver used to say : Some days are diamonds, some days are stones.

        I am lucky that I have my hubby and boys. If I didn’t have them, I wouldn’t have been here now and that’s a fact. 😀

        Thanks for the hugs. Much appreciated. ♥

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        • I agree sweets i think maybe we choose our parents for the life we need to learn from..i have had some bad times nothing too too bad but bad enough to have me not want to get out of bed. If it was not for the furries back then and having to get up and care for them i would have stayed in a funk…and yes you can feel like you must stay happy but some days it is hard…being honest with how you feel i think is the best thing..Love you to bits and hoping your days are bright..we all deserve that 🙂 Loves Bev xx

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